Thursday, May 4th, 11am - 3pm

Mayapan Ballroom

Box of Dreams 

On Thursday, May 4 from 11 am - 2pm, RC attendees arranged in several teams will have to complete a series of challenges in order to collect all the items needed to arrange donation boxes for a local charity.  Items will include essential groceries, hygiene supplies and nice surprises for kids. Teams will have to organize and classify all the provisions and will close out the activity by decorating the boxes to provide a personalized touch.

Plastic Free

Banyan Tree Mayakoba has exchanged all plastic water bottles for glass bottles and plastic straws for paper straws, which are FSC, certified


Reef Conservation

Banyan Tree Mayakoba contributes to the reforestation and care of coral reefs, increasing diversity at sites and promoting the resilience and natural resistance of marine life caused by climate change.


Supporting Communities

Banyan Tree Mayakoba provides support and training to local communities to start their own small businesses that can be environmental, educational and socio-cultural, with the aim of generating a circular economy.