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XR @ Michigan 2021 Summit

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Jeremy Nelson

Director, XR Initiative, U-M Center for Academic Innovation

Michael Nebeling

Assistant Professor of Information, U-M School of Information

Alan Smithson

Event Emcee, Co-Founder of MetaVRse and Host of the XR for Business Podcast

Jeremy Bailenson

Founding Director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Mark Cohen

Professor of Surgery, Professor of Pharmacology, U-M Medical School

Arash Salavitabar

Assistant Professor of Pedicatrics, U-M Medical School

Michelle Aebersold

Academic Program Director, Clinical Professor of Nursing, U-M School of Nursing

Prashant Mahajan

Professor of Emergency Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics, U-M Medical School

Michelle Benedict

University of Michigan Medical Student

Joanna Popper

Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP

Nick Klingensmith

Mixed Reality Academy Lead Engineer at Microsoft

Rebecca Quintana

Learning Experience Design Lead and Intermittent Lecturer in Education, U-M School of Education

Matthew Solomon

Associate Professor of Film, Television and Media, U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Yvette Granata

Assistant Professor of Film, Television and Media, U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Jonathan Rule

Clinical Assistant Professor, Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Anil Camci

Assistant Professor of Music, U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Shalaunda Reeves

Learning Experience Designer Senior, U-M Center for Academic Innovation

Mark Mine

Director, Technology Innovation Group at the Walt Disney Studios

Joanna Millunchick

Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, U-M College of Engineering

Chris Quintana

Associate Professor of Education, U-M School of Education

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Hosted by

University of Michigan

Showcase Booths

I Think You've Jammed the Door

A virtual reality reshoot of the iconic Citizen Kane tantrum scene, shot to comment on racial hierarchies within the entertainment industry.

Critical AR Filter Projects by Students in Digital Bodies, Winter 2021

These are critical AR filters created by students in the course 'Digital Bodies' at Umich Digital Studies Institute. This video is a compilation of some of the student midterm projects, which are meant to spark critical conversations about contemporary surveillance culture and perform critical artistic interventions into AR filter design.

XR Design Fellows

Leveraging emerging XR technologies to strengthen UofM education

Plucky Comics

Plucky Comics is a webapp that tells the story of Black Queer historical figures through the medium of comics.

Waste Generation & Disposal

XR for Sustainability


AR Toolkit for Astronauts


AR Spatial Social Media

VR Hot Air Balloon

Float around and drop things on targets!

Mylla Cabin

Interactive Experience of the Mylla Cabin

“I Am Equally Human” — Inaccessible Accessibility Facilities

The camera will be animated to follow the POV of a visually impaired person who meets a lot of expected and unexpected difficulties while walking through tactile guide paths.

Rwanda Vurtual Visit

This project is an attempt to respond to not only people who often ask me where I am from, but also, it is an occasion for me to connect myself to my country Rwanda, by using images and sounds in a virtual reality. I wanted to create a virtual visit to my home country.

Why We Sleep: The VR Experience

This project is a Unity virtual reality experience based on insights I gained while reading the book, "Why We Sleep", by Dr. Matthew Walker. It allows the user to go through a nightly routine of habits that collectively improve one's "sleep hygiene" and promote higher quality of sleep.


TAkEN MEi is an exploration of mind and the machine. The project focuses on the link between human and computer.

VR Chemistry Lab

The VR Chemistry Lab allows people to grab molecules, bind them together to create compounds, and present the features of certain elements.

Now You See Me

In making an effort to challenge the role of seeing and being seen in the digital space, this filter claim the rights of gazing. While the traditional technologies of projection put people under spotlight, here I create moment when the role flip around.

AR Glasses Prototype for Exploring Nature

This project is a prototype of an augmented reality glasses application for the purpose of exploring nature. The user can navigate the application via a combination of voice interface and hand gestures. It can enhance the user experience by displaying environment data such as an interactive map, information on animals and plants, and historical facts on the region. Furthermore, the user can explore various interactive "points-of-interest" scattered around the environment in order to further engage with their surroundings.