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Michael C. Bodson

President and Chief Executive Officer, DTCC

Ulrich Bindseil

Director General, Market Infrastructure and Payments, European Central Bank

Anna Kulik

Secretary General, ECSDA

Mark Gem

ECSDA and WFC Chair of the Board; Chairman of the Clearstream Risk Committee

Olga Cantillo

Executive Vice-President & Chief Executive Officer, Latin American Stock Exchange (Latinex)

Paul Symons

Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Chief of Staff, Euroclear

Sara Lovisolo

Head of Group ESG, Euronext

Jesús Benito (Moderator)

Head Domestic Custody and TR Operations, SIX.

Javier Hernani Burzako

Head Securities Services, SIX

Robert Ophèle

President, Autorité des Marchés Financiers

Julie Wang

Senior Vice President, Head of Fund & Global Services Department, TDCC

Avi Ghosh

Head Global Marketing and Communication, SIX

Philip Brown

CEO, Clearstream Holding AG

Attila Tóth

Principal, Equity and Capital Market Infrastructure, Capital Markets Development Team, EBRD

Kevin Sampson

President, TMX CDS

Sarah Tarawneh

CEO, Securities Depository Center of Jordan

Sudip Chatterjee

Head of Global Capital Markets, Euroclear

Ozkan Ilkay kiziltoprak

Executive Vice President, MKK

Manmohan Singh

Senior Financial Economist, IMF

Gesa Johannsen

EMEA Head of CCM and Global Head of Product Strategy, BNY Mellon

Guillaume Eliet

Chief Executive Officer, Euroclear ESES, ECSDA Vice-Chair

John Siena

Associate General Counsel, Brown Brothers Harriman

Henri Bergström

Managing Director and Chairman, HTB Project Management FZE, Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Oral Emül

Business Intelligence, Data Governance & Corporate Solutions Director, MKK

Andreas Lundell

AVP Head of Product, CSD Technology, Market Technology, Nasdaq

Virginie O'Shea

Founder, Firebrand Research

Philip Slavin

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Taskize

Steve Everett

Head Business Strategy & Innovation, TMX

Angus Scott

Co-founder and Chief Executive, Artclear Ltd

Jens Hachmeister

Managing Director - Issuer Services & New Digital Markets, Deutsche Börse

Timothy Hogben

Group Executive, ASX

Francisco Béjar Nunez

Head CSD Services, SIX

Rahul Pratap Singh

Vice-President, NSDL

Vipin Y.S Mahabirsingh

Managing Director, Central Depository & Settlement Co. Ltd, CSD Mauritius

Rhomaios Ram

Chief Executive Officer, Fnality

Ridouane Azagrouze

Chief Information Officer, Macroclear S.A

Robert Palatnick

Managing Director and Global Head of Technology Research and Innovation, DTCC

Nejib Zaouali

CISO, Clearstream

Jim Micklethwaite

Director, Head of Operations, Thomas Murray Ltd

Jason Harrell

Managing Director, Operational and Technology Risk, Head of External Engagement, DTCC

Manoj Sarangi

Senior Vice President & CISO, NSDL

Anthony Attia

Global Head of Primary Markets and Post Trade, Euronext

Colin Parry

Chief Executive Officer, International Securities Services Association

Abdulla Jaffar Abdin

Chief Operating Officer, Bahrain Clear; Chairman, AMEDA

Nandini Sukumar

Chief Executive Officer, The World Federation of Exchange

André Nortjé

Chief Executive Officer, Strate

Florence Bindelle

Secretary General, European Issuers

Javier Jara Traub

Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs, DCV; President, ACSDA

Pierre Davoust

Head of Euronext CSDs and Chairman of the Board of Euronext CSDs

Indars Aščuks

Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq CSD

Ekrem Arikan

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, MKK

Alessandro Zignani

Head Business Development, Euronext Securities Milan

Wenhua Dai

Chairman, ACG

Prashant Vagal

Executive Vice President, NSDL

Michele Hillery

General Manager of Equity Clearing and DTC Settlement Service, DTCC

Andy Hill

Senior Director, International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

Alexis Thompson

Head of Global Securities Services, BBVA

Kay Swinburne

Vice Chair of Financial Services, KPMG UK

Lieve Mostrey

Chief Executive Officer, Euroclear Group

Stephan Leithner

Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG, responsible for Pre & Post-Trading

Javier Pérez-Tasso

Chief Executive Officer, SWIFT

Jasmine Ma

Secretary, ACG

Arman Melkumyan

Secretary, AECSD

Bruce Butterill

Executive Director, Americas' Central Securities Depository Association (ACSDA)

Takeshi Shirakami

Deputy Head of Secretariat, BIS

Juan Carlos Alfaro

Deputy Superintendent for Capital Markets, Financial Government, Colombia

Paolo Caniccio

Group Post Trade Technology CTO - Euronext Group

Inmaculada Navas

Head Legal and Compliance, SDX

Isabelle Delorme

Deputy CEO, Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland

Oliver Sigrist

Adviser, Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub (BISIH)

Olivier Dazard

Head of Customer Security Programme Controls, Evolution and Engagement, SWIFT

Deborah Mercer-Miller

Head of Securities Services, Citi: Chair of the Association of Global Custodians

Hanna Vainio

Chief Executive Officer, Euroclear Finland

Helena Čacká

Vice-Chairman of the Board, CSD Prague

Ondřej Dusílek

Chief Executive Officer, CSD Prague

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