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wayra l The Funding Cocktail

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Alberto Pérez

Head of Investments at wayra Germany

Felix Ferstl

Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures

Marc Schröder

Managing Partner at MGV

Dan Wucherpfennig

CEO at Lana Labs

Dennis Kirpensteijn

Managing Partner at Faraday Ventures

Ruben Knitter

Investment Manager at 3VC

Hannah Klose

Moderator at The Funding Cocktail

Raul Riesco

VP Public Affairs and Strategic Investments at ElevenPaths

Ines Streimelweger

Investment Manager at CREANDUM

Luis Shemtov | Lunar Ventures

Founding Partner at Lunar Ventures

Dominik Tobschall

Principal at Speedinvest

Constantin Koenigsegg

Investment Manager at Vorwerk Ventures

Katrin Bacic

Managing Director at wayra Germany

Ulrich Irnich

CIO at Vodafone Deutschland

Christian busch

CEO German Accelerator NY

Antonio Pellegrino

CEO at Mutable

Dirk Seewald

Partner at eCAPITAL

Bruno Igreja

Venture Partner at Road Ventures

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Wayra Germany

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