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Warp Space Summit

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Dr. Tanya Harrison

Mission operations specialist on multiple NASA Mars missions.

Mathias Sundin

Founder of Warp Space Program, CEO of Warp News.

Carolina Olsson

Project leader and host of Warp Space Summit.

Rich Spuller

Co-Founder of Warp News, host of the Warp News Podcast.

Cornelia Ekvall

Space Writer at Warp News

Prof. Avi Loeb

Astrophysicist at Harvard University

Tina Sjögren

CEO, Pythom Space. Adventurer with several Guiness World Records.

Tom Sjögren

CTO, Pythom Space. Adventurer with several Guiness World Records.

Jenny Jansson

Physics Teacher of the Year in 2016.

L Christer Andersson

CEO of Pandion AI. Formerly Imagery Intelligence at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.

Dr. Sven Grahn

Former CTO Swedish Space Corp. Has been awarded H. M. The King's Medal and the Thulin Medal in Gold.

Daniel Moregård

Game Director for space strategy game Stellarisat at Paradox Interactive

Matija Milenovic

Co-Founder & CEO at Porkchop

Emma Hansson

ESA BIC Sweden

Anna-Maria Jakobsson

CEO of Sankt Kors

Andreas Norlén

Speaker of the Parliament

Mattias Wikman

Investor, Space Cowboys

Peder Jonsson

Chairman Fuglesang Space Center Foundation (Stiftelsen Fuglesang Space Center)

Helena Lennholm

Jon-Erik Dahlin

Swedish Space Society

Anton Ahlbäck

Swedish Space Society

Melanie Larsson

Swedish Space Society

Christer Persson

Boardmember Fuglesang Space Center Foundation (Stiftelsen Fuglesang Space Center)

Sofia Lennerstrand

Astronomial Youth Organization

Fanny Johansson

Astronomial Youth Organization

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Warp Space Program

Warp Space Program - making humanity's future in space come sooner.

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