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#WardleyMaps #Barcamp #OpenSpace

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Oliver Finker

Track Host - Dev

Erik Schön

Track Host - Business! Erik Schön is an executive and strategist

Cat Swetel


Sue Borchardt

Sue Borchardt is a practicing research artist and budding mereologist (student of parts and wholes).

Cory Foy

Cory is an executive consultant, working with Fortune 100 companies across the globe

Krzysztof Daniel

Krzysztof (Chris) is an unreformed explorer, teaching others how to effectively use Wardley Maps for their benefit.

Aleksandar Simovic

Coach/Trainer/Architect and writes Books about Serverless

Philippe Guenet

Philippe is using a unique approach to address the People & Leadership side of Digital transformations

Julius Gamanyi

Julius is a Technology Architect at Accenture

Ruben Berenguel

Mathematician turned (lead) data engineer, keen on optimising processes and plans

Alastair Moore

Alastair is a UCL Computer Science PhD with a background in analytics, machine learning, business strategy

Marc Burgauer

Track Host - Culture and HR

Ben Ford

Former Royal Marine technologist and I apply principles from the military for building better teams and businesses.

Holger Gelhausen

Event Organizer and i love WardleyMaps

John Grant

helps to run the German #MapCamp

Markus Harrer

Software Development Analyst, working at INNOQ

Tom Asel

Developer, Architekt, Trainer & Coach

Mark Craddock

Mark builds multi-cloud platforms for the United Nations Global Platform

Simon Wardley

Created #Wardleymaps ... not the hashtag but the field. Chaotic Evil, Thought Lord.

Jakob Jochmann


Sonja Blignaut


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Holger Gelhausen powered by intiki gmbh

Events for Strategy, WardleyMaps, digital Gardening, Story Telling, Organizational Change, Communicating the New, Agile Transformation, HR-Strategy.

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