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Waffle Games 4.0

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Suzanne Freyjadis

Former Chair @ IGDA Game Education SIG

Mandisa Washington

Game Developer @ Studio Disa

Coraly Rosario

Senior UX Designer @ Niantic

Lynda Mc Donald

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Jimmy Bauer

Partnerships Account Coordinator @ Gen.G

Hauk Nelson

Partnerships Manager @ NRG Esports

Ayan Abdu

Business Development Manager @ & DE&I Advisor YDX Innovation

Peter Lam

Brand Strategist @

Andy Lunique

Senior Strategic Account Manager @ Discord

Mikhail Favorov

Indie Game Developer

Milo Smiley

Production Coordinator @ Infinity Ward

Eunice Chen

Owner @

James Seetal

Digital Producer, Games @ Andrews McMeel Universal

Chao Jin

Game Designer @ Dots

Jacen Garriss

Collegiate Tournament Admin @ Activision Blizzard & Co-Founder @ Collegiate CoD

Dylan Liu

CEO @ Uconnect Esports

Vivian Lam

Partnerships Specialist @ iBUYPOWER

Rachel Cronson

Ambassador @ CORSAIR

Jamie Albright

Operations Intern @ Gen.G

Michael Aguilar

Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation @ University of Oklahoma

Logan Cavaliere

Lead Game Designer @ Glass Robot Games

Patrick Klein

Chief Strategy Officer @ eFuse

Tamara Hughes

Trust & Safety Team Lead @ Rec Room

Dominic Nguyen

GeForce Student Program Lead @ NVIDIA

Cat Tompkins

Program Manager, Esports and Education @ MSI

Carolyn Yee

Marketing Specialist, Student Programs @ CORSAIR

Jeremy Dela Rosa


David Strashnoy

CEO @ Betti Games

Matthew Walters

CEO & Head of Production @ XLNC Broadcasting

Lara Lunardi

Video Producer & Interviewer @ DotEsports & Content Specialist @ SK Gaming

Geoffrey Lachapelle

Co-Founder @ IQ Esports

Agatha Yu

Senior Design Manager, 3D & Mixed Reality @ Adobe

Mary Georgescu

Game Designer @ Exploding Kittens

Shanice Smith

Incoming Software Engineering Intern @ Electronic Arts

Tori Schafer

Senior Narrative & Content Designer @ Proletariat Inc.

Jon Radoff

CEO @ Beamable

Milo Ocampo

CEO @ 8-Bit Esports

Victoria Sun

Partnerships Community Manager @ Hamul

Anna Brandberg

Senior UX Designer @ King

John Fio

Music Curator @ Wonderville & Freelance Composer

Natalie Asport

Weapons & Vehicles Artist @ Avalanche Studios

Francesca Carletto-Leon

Game Designer @ Fullbright Games

Alexander King

Game Designer

MC Moffit

Executive Director @ Zeldathon

Josh Mancell


Ryan Whittle

Co-Owner @ Startale Games

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock

CEO @ EGD Collective

Noelle Mazurek (she/her)

Production & Festival Coordinator @ Games for Change

Kate Edwards (she/her)

CEO @ Geogrify & Executive Director @ Global Game Jam

Eva Yan

Incoming UX Intern @ LinkedIn

Mike Woltmann

Former Game Design Intern @ Vicarious Visions

Libby Kamen

CMO @ Radiance Media

Will Roberts

Lead Experience Designer @ HarperCollins & Commissioner @ VR Diamond League

Phil Ranta

COO @ Wormhole Labs

Danny Martin

Co-Founder & CEO @ Esposure

Victor Davila

Retail Merchandising Manager @ MSI & Head of Sales and Partnerships @ Space Productions

Esin Aydingoz

Lead Composer @ Audiobrew

Jonathan Flesher

Head of Business Development @ Discord

Nate Meeker

Director of Esports @ University of Akron

Adam Baugh

Marketing & Community Specialist @ Andbox

Cel C

Events Coordinator @ Nerd Street Gamers

David Kuelz

Narrative Designer @ Awkward Pegasus

Oshin Tudayan

Marketing Specialist @ Turtle Beach & Tournament Admin @ Space Productions

Cloud Monteclaro

Esports Coach @ XP League

Jyro Blade

CTO @ BumbleBear Games

Richard Terrell

CEO @ Design Oriented

Alex Chan

Founder @ & Product Marketing Manager @ NZXT

Jae Lin

Programs Manager @ Games and Online Harassment Hotline

Robbie Dolan

Sound Designer & Music Composer @ Pixel Toys

Jessica Kantor

Executive Producer @ The Look Club & Freelance Creative Director

Jeff Price

Chair of Game Design & Esports Director @ Oklahoma City University

Jake Tonitrus

Freelance Graphic Designer

Jay Villacis

Software Engineer @ Electronic Arts

Kamille Catala

Associate Community Manager @ Wildlife Studios

Khalil Abdullah

Co-Founder @ Decoy Games

Kate Smith

Game Development Lead @ Craftsman+

Jiaxin Santos

Animal Behavior Student @ Hunter College

Alexander Horn

Narrative Director @ Impulse Gear

Geoffrey Palmer

Freelance Animator & Motion Designer

Lawrence Yang

UX Designer @ Valve

Travis McGregor

Partnership & Influencer Manager @ Gamer Advantage

Jennell Jaquays

Art & Content Creation Veteran

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EGD Collective

Dedicated to removing barriers in games communities and making the industry a more accessible academic and career opportunity for all.

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EGD Collective

Because the Care of the Future of Games is Ours


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Helping Gamers Save Money

Free Text-Based Support

Games and Online Harassment Hotline

Really Games

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Perditus Studios

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Butter Games Studio

Developing Mars Blitz

Rumen Petrov

Baby Goat Billy - Deckbuilding RPG

Intercollegiate Game Network

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Mirabolis Studios

Two-person game development studio from Brazil. Creator of Evil Labs and Be Hero

Lazy Monday Games

A Micro Games Studio Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Zapowa Games

Z1 Project

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The Best Prices for Manga and Art books

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Designing the future of the games industry


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Lost Caves

A treasure hunting adventure where greed knows no bounds…