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Virtual StripeConEU 2020

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Jonathon Su

Jon wears the hats of both Software Engineer and Digital Analyst at Internetrix, an Australian Silverstripe Partner.

Werner Krauss

Silverstripe enthusiast, long-time developer, and well-known in the community as an advocate and trusted resource.

Andy Adiwidjaja

Consultant & owner Adiwidjaja Teamworks, software developer, and problem-solver extraordinaire.

Julian Scheuchenzuber

Organizer of Virtual StripeConEU 2020. Founder of Level51. Web & Mobile Maniac from Lower Bavaria.

Ingo Schommer

Wrangler of technologies, products & teams, and currently Lead Product Architect @Silverstripe Ltd.

Aaron Carlino

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, and currently Principal Product Developer Silverstripe. Better known as Uncle Cheese.

Luke Percy

Luke is an enabler and enjoys using open source solutions to help people and organisations succeed.

Christopher Pitt

PHP developer, writer of blogs and books, speaker on all things PHP and experienced Silverstripe module builder.

Derk Gortemaker

THE Silverstripe DevOps guy @TwistedBytes. From dev envs, deployments, to hosting, Derk takes care of it all.

Nivanka Fonseka

Nivanka studied computer science and after working as a senior software developer he started SilverStripers in 2010.

Herbert Cuba Garcia

Tech lead, project manager, developer and UX-er. Currently CEO @Kreationsbyrån.

Sam Minnée

CEO of @Silverstripe, has worked at making Silverstripe a success and the web a better place since his co-founder days.

Lawrence Smith

Entrepreneur, thinking strategically about marketing and business, yet having a strong understanding of development.

Lukas Erni

Self-taught web guy and runs @kraftausdruck, a small Web-Shop in Switzerland.

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Coding is our passion, be it mobile apps, the web or desktop systems. We are crazy about Silverstripe, Vue.js, Ionic and node.js.

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Twisted Bytes

The hosting provider for site and application builders.

CSL Website Design Group

The technology behind the fun

North Creation Agency

Digital agency based in Stockholm with more than 10 years of experience of Silverstripe solutions


The easiest CI/CD tool. Ever!

Adiwidjaja Teamworks GmbH

We love complex problems


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