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Virtual SSF Summit: Startup Societies in a Post-Covid World

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Nadiah Sabaneh

Rawabi Tech Hub Manager

Lotta Moberg

Author of the Political Economy of Special Economic Zones

Jim Coleman

Head Economist of WSP

Mwiya Musokotwane

Founder of Nkwashi City

Bradley Allgood

COO of Nuhanse Network

Mark Beer, OBE

Chairman and Co-Founder of The Metis Institute

Joel Telpner

Senior Partner at Sullivan and Worchester LLP

Michael Castle-Miller

CEO of Politas Consulting

Oliver Porter

Founder of Sandy Spring City

Mondher Khanfir

FEMOZA Advisor

Robin Hanson

Professor at George Mason University

James Ehrlich

Founder of Regen Villages

Kim Siegel

Managing Director at Global Legal Solutions Group

Brent Tanner

Chief Operating Officer of Citibank SA Brasil

Andreas Baumgartner

CEO and Co-Founder of The Metis Institute

Taavi Kotka

Cofounder of Estonia's eResidency

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Founder of Geopolitical Intelligence Services

Joe Sanchis

Founder of Queue Technologies

Ricardo Plata

Secretary of Economic Development of Barranquilla city

Mark Frazier

Chairman of the Startup Societies Foundation

Gary Lachance

Founder of the Decentralized Dance Party

Wendy Jyang

Owner of WJS Liahona LLC

Roger Ver

CEO of

Joe McKinney

President of the Startup societies Foundation

Ibrahim Natour

Mayor of Rawabi City

Trent Larson

Principal Developer at Medici Land Governance Ventures

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia

CEO of Seaphia

Jason Blick

CEO of Eqibank

Rik Willard

CEO of the Agentic Group

Early Boykins III

Director of Andra Capital


Former President of the World Economic Zones Association

Marquis Cabrera

CEO of Stat Zero Ventures

Ricardo Vives

President of Puerta de Oro

Patri Friedman

General Partner of Pronomos

Carlos Gershenson

Head Editor of Complexity Weekly

Thibault Serlet

Founder of Adrainople Group

Adam Traidman

CEO of BRD Wallet

Titus Gebel

Founder of Tipolis Consult

Joel Telpner

Senior Partner at Sullivan and Worcester LLP

Tom W. Bell

Author of Your Next Government?

Mark Lutter

Director of the Charter Cities Institute

Brittany Kaiser


Yaneer Bar-Yam

President of the New England Complexity Institute

Maria Alejandra Henriquez

Director of Probarranquilla

Michael Strong

Founder of the Startup Cities Institute

Titus Gebel

CEO of Tipolis Consult

Joe Quirk

President of the Seasteading Institute

jason Potts

Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub RMIT

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Joe McKinney

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