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Gina McCarthy

President, NRDC; Former U.S. EPA Administrator

Debbie Reed

Executive Director, Ecosystem Services Market Consortium

Dave Meyer

Director, LCFS Programs, 3Degrees

Jonathan Goldberg

CEO, Carbon Direct

Anna Escuer

Lead for Carbon & Water. Global Sustainability Team, Google

Kate Gordon

Director, California Office of Planning and Research

Holmes Hummel

Founder, Clean Energy Works

Noah Deich

Executive Director, Carbon180

Elizabeth Willmott

Carbon Program Manager, Microsoft

Rebecca Sternberg

VP, Energy and Climate Practice, 3Degrees

Steph Speirs

Co-Founder & CEO, Solstice

Shuchi Talati

Senior Policy Advisor, Carbon180


Associate Director, Center for Desert Agriculture, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Deepika Nagabhushan

Program Director, Clean Air Task Force

Emily Stengel

Deputy Director and Co-Founder, GreenWave

Melissa Ho

Senior Vice President, Freshwater and Food, World Wildlife Fund

Amy Senter

Chief Sustainability Officer, Kellogg

Sam Arons

Director of Sustainability, Lyft

Becky Li

Senior Associate, Electricity, Rocky Mountain Institute

Steele Lorenz

Head of Sustainable Business, Farmer's Business Network

Julia Pyper

Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

Isaac Maze-Rothstein

Grid Edge Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

Amy Huang (GFI)

University Innovation Specialist, Good Food Institute

Rod Snyder

President, Field to Market

Jay Watson

Sourcing Sustainability Engagement Manager, General Mills

Robyn O'Brien

Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships, rePlant Capital

Colleen Jansen

Chief Marketing Officer, ChargePoint

John Holm

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, PYXERA Global

Sara Bogdan

Manager of Sustainability & ESG, JetBlue Airways

Ryan Edwards

Low Carbon Policy Advisor, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures

Ugbaad Kosar

Senior Policy Advisor, Carbon180

Eva Gladek, Metabolic

Founder & CEO, Metabolic

Erik Hansen

Sustainability Director, Global Impact, Workday

Jainey Bavishi

Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Resiliency

Nathan Truitt

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, American Forest Foundation

Alexandra DySard

Environmental & Partnership Manager, MOM's Organic Market

Rebekah Moses

Head of Impact Strategy, Impossible Foods

Garry Cooper (he/him)

CEO, Rheaply

David Ziskind (Black & Veatch)

Director of Engineering, Black & Veatch

Stephen Lamm

Director of Sustainability, Bloom Energy

Natasha Franck

Founder & CEO, Eon

Zach Freeze

Senior Director for Sustainability, Walmart

Lexi Zimmerman

Solutions Engineer, UL

Dane Parker

Chief Sustainability Officer, General Motors

cliff rechtschaffen

Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Viraj Puri

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Gotham Greens

Beth Wytiaz

SVP, Global Environmental Operations Director, Bank of America

Phil Kithil

CEO, Ocean-based Climate Solutions

Maya Batres

Project Manager, Energy & Land Use, The Nature Conservancy

Bill Weihl

Executive Director, Climate Voice

Gitanjali Rao

Young Innovator and Promoter of STEM

Carlos M. Duarte

Professor, Marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Sujatha Bergen

Health Campaigns Director, NRDC

Angela Hultberg

Head of Sustainable Mobility, IKEA

Jigar Shah

Co-founder, Generate Capital

Stephan Dolezalek

Executive Director, Wheatsheaf Group

Stephen Ritz

Founder, Green Bronx Machine

Dawn Weisz

CEO, Marin Clean Energy

Sara Chamberlain

Managing Director, Energy Foundry

Cristine Morgan

Chief Scientific Officer, Soil Health Institute

Maria Pope

CEO, Portland General Electric

Philip Saunders

Deputy Division Director, Green Fleet Program, City of Seattle

Patty Monahan

Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Angie Slaughter

Vice President of Sustainability, Logistics, SVG & capabilities procurement, Anheuser-Busch

Matthew Walker, Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Emily Kirsch

Founder and CEO, Powerhouse

Alexis Cureton

California State Lead, Clean Energy and Equity, NRDC

Allison Wolff

CEO, Vibrant Planet

Chris Magwood

Executive Director, Endeavour Center

Heather Clancy - VP, Editorial Director @ GreenBiz

Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group

Chandra Farley

Just Energy Director, Partnership for Southern Equity

Holly Kaufman

President, Environment & Enterprise Strategies

Melissa Lott

Lead of the Power Sector Research Initiative, Columbia University's SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy

Miranda Ballentine

CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

SaLisa Berrien, COI Energy

CEO, COI Energy

Ari Marder

Co-Founder, OpenAir Collective

Holly Buck

Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability, University at Buffalo

Emma Fuller

Director of Sustainability Science, Granular

Christina Page

Business Partnerships, Climate Interactive

Meserete Davis

Culinary Education Training Developer, New York City Department of Education

Deborah Drew

Social Impact Lead, Business Center, World Resources Institute

Deonna Anderson, Senior Editor at GreenBiz

Associate Editor, Greenbiz

Safia Qureshi

Founder & CEO, CupClub

Maeve Tropf

Supervisor of Energy, Climate and Renewables, Steelcase

Daniel Thompson

Head of Marketing & Business Development, Schneider Electric

Amy Skoczlas Cole

Executive Vice President, Trust in Food

Maud Texier

Carbon Free Energy Lead, Google

Sara Neff

Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Kilroy Realy

Jennifer Snook

Manager, Supply Chain and International Collaboration, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Dana Clare Redden

Founder, Solar Stewards

Steve Myrick

Vice President of Operations, Memphis Meats

Q. Pham

Key Account Manager | Data Centers, Wartsila

Elizabeth Yeampierre

Executive Director, UPROSE

Greg Rau

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Planetary Hydrogen

Don Wingate

Vice President – Microgrid Solutions & Strategic Alliances, Schneider Electric

Priya Barua

Deputy Director, Market Innovation & Utility Engagement, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Kelly Erhart

Co-Founder & Director of Development, Project Vesta

Sara Eckhouse

Executive Director, FoodShot Global

Monica McBride

Director of Agricultural and Environmental Metrics, WWF

Mary Nichols

Chair, California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Erin Craig

Vice President, 3Degrees

Emma Armstrong

Executive Director, Anthesis

Lauren Riley

Managing Director, Global Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, United Airlines

Raoul Sreenivasan

Director, Amazon Air, Amazon

Jennifer Wagner

President, CarbonCure Technologies

Jessica Vieira

Director of Sustainability, Apeel Sciences

Michelle Tulac, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

New York City, Activation Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ramé Hemstreet

Chief Energy Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Marisa Guber

Partnerships Manager, Cradle to Cradle Certified

Ashima Sukhdev

Government & Cities Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Heather Tansey

Sustainability Director, Cargill

Barbara Haya

Research Fellow, University of California at Berkeley

Anne Goodchild

Founding Director, Urban Freight Lab, University of Washington

Mark Herrema

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Newlight Technologies

Nina Goodrich, GreenBlue

Executive Director, & Director, & SPC

christine weydig

Director of the Office of Environmental and Energy Programs, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Deanna Bratter

Head of Sustainable Development, Danone North America

Dylan Siegler

Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Verizon

Shaun Meehan

Co-Founder, Charm Industrial

Stacy Kauk - Sustainability Fund Director @ Shopify

Director, Sustainability Fund, Shopify

Katie Fehrenbacher

Senior Writer, VERGE Transport, GreenBiz

Mike Roeth

Executive Director, NACFE

Erin Burns

Director of Policy, Carbon180

David Ceaser

Lead Agronomist, Agritecture Consulting

Erin Simon

Head, Plastic Waste + Business, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Carla Peterman

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Mark Eastham

Senior Manager, Sustainability, Walmart

Jad Daley

President & CEO, American Forests

Janie Hipp

CEO, Native American Agriculture Fund

Jeremy Baines

President, US division, Neste

Rahwa Ghirmatzion

Executive Director, PUSH Buffalo

Peter Asmus

Research Director, Guidehouse Insights (Navigant)

John DeDea

Director Global Energy Procurement, UPS

George Hodge

Global Head of Supply Chain, CDP

Andy Jefferson

Director of Transportation, Genentech

Yakaira Nunez

Senior Director, Salesforce

Kevin Moss

Global Director, Center For Sustainable Business, World Resources Institute

Kyle Wiens

CEO, iFixit

Hannon Rasool

Deputy Director, Fuels and Transportation Division, California Energy Commission

Ben Packard

Executive Director, EarthLab, University of Washington

Zach Freeze

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Sustainability, Walmart

Karen Scanlon

VP of Sustainability Partnerships, Dairy Management Inc

Greg Miller

PhD Candidate, University of California Davis

Chris Pennington

Global Energy Manager, Iron Mountain

Bryn Baker

Director, Policy Innovation, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Kyle Harrison

Senior Associate, Corporate Sustainability, Bloomberg/BNEF

Megan Lorenzen

Sustainability Manager, Salesforce

Winston Chen (Mars Global Renewable Program Manager)

Renewable Energy Manager, Mars

Meg Wilcox

Environmental Journalist, Freelance

Oliver Peoples

President and Chief Executive Officer, Yield10 Bioscience

Danny Cullenward

Policy Director, CarbonPlan

Sue Gander

Managing Director of Electric Vehicle Policy, The Electrification Coalition

Jackie Suggitt

Stakeholder Engagement Director, ReFED

Ashish Gadnis

CEO, Co-Founder, BanQu

Meera Clark

Senior Associate, Obvious Ventures

Danielle Nierenberg

Co-Founder, Food Tank

Clay Nesler

VP, Global Energy and Sustainability, Johnson Controls

Pavan Sukhdev

President, WWF International

Josiah Hunt

Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Biochar

Sandra Kwak

Founder and CEO, 10Power

Katie Hoffman

Entrepreneur in Residence, New Energy Nexus

Katie Lebling

Associate, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

Russ Musgrove

Managing Director, Express, FedEx

Jarami Bond

Chief Storyteller, Bond Studio

David Havelick

Sustainability Manager, Harvard University

Shin-pei Tsay

Director of Policy, Cities and Transportation, Uber

Kelly Ferguson

Director, Sustainable City Solutions, LA Cleantech Incubator

Matthew Vespa

Staff Attorney, Clean Energy, EarthJustice

Jennifer Kemmerly

Vice President, Global Ocean Initiatives, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Matt Petersen

CEO, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Konstantin Kakaes

Commissioning Editor, MIT Technology Review

Ben Soltoff

Environmental Innovation Manager, Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Taldi Harrison

Government and Community Affairs Manager, REI

Erin Callahan

Director, Climate Collaborative

Sandra Roling

Head of EV100, The Climate Group

Taryn Barclay

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement, Cargill

Kate Simonen

Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Washington

Christina Nichols

Senior Program Manager, Groundswell

Shayle Kann

Managing Director, Energy Impact Partners

Saskia Feast

Vice President, Western Region, Natural Capital Partners

Shana Rappaport | Executive Director, VERGE | GreenBiz

VP and ED, VERGE, GreenBiz

Marcius Extavour

Executive Director, Carbon XPRIZE

Ashley C. Hall

Director of Sustainable Packaging, Walmart

Jean François Timmers

Global Soy Lead and Global Policy Expert, Commodities and Ecosystems, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Cory-Ann Wind

Oregon Clean Fuels Program Manager, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Thomas McQuillan

Vice President, Strategy, Culture and Sustainability, Baldor Specialty Foods

Tito Jankowski


Gregor Hembrough

Head of Polestar USA, Polestar

John Davies

VP, Senior Analyst, GreenBiz

Emma Cox

North American Sustainability, McDonald's

Jim Giles

Conference Chair, VERGE Food & VERGE Carbon, GreenBiz

Alex Klonick

Manager, Education & Engagement, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Suz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz

Associate Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz

Neha Palmer

Energy Strategy, Google

Jeremy Donnell

Manager, Microgrid Policy and Pricing Strategies, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Wade Crowfoot

Secretary for Natural Resources, State of California

Cassandra Heller

Manager, Business Development, Wartsila

Zack Parisa

CEO, SilviaTerra

Eve Turow-Paul

Founder and Executive Director, Food for Climate League

Marty Odlin

Founder, Running Tide

Dan Simons

Co-Owner, Farmers Restaurant Group

Niki Okuk

Alternative Fuels Program Manager, CALSTART

Amanda Ravenhill

Executive Director, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Rohini Sengupta, Senior Manager @ United Airlines

Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability, United Airlines

Leah Penniman

Co-Director and Farm Manager, Soul Fire Farm

Tadas Radavicius

Project Manager, SoliTek

Hala Hanna

Managing Director, Community, MIT Solve

Amberjae Freeman

CEO, Etho Capital

Patrick Sagisi

Director & Investment Partner, Acario Innovation

Danya Hakeem

Director of Innovation, Agriculture & Circular Economy, Elemental Excelerator

Janice Tran, CEO/Co-Founder @ Kanin Energy

CEO, Kanin Energy

Peter Bodenheimer

Partner & Managing Director, Food-X

Tanya Barham

Founder & CEO, Community Energy Labs

Ryan McIntosh

Founder & CEO, RoadPower

Anirudh Sharma

Co-founder, Lab Lead, Graviky Labs

Kristin Kagetsu

CEO, Saathi

Tom Chan

Cofounder, UNOCUP

Lia Alvarez

CEO, Fair by Nature

Amanda Hall

CEO, Summit Nanotech

David Manosalvas-Kjono

Co-founder & CEO, Aeromutable

Anurag Kamal

Founder, ElectricFish

Andrew Krulewitz

Co-founder & CEO, Flux

Aadith Moorthy

Founder & CEO, ConserWater Technologies

Max Nova

Founder, SilviaTerra

Olya Irzak

CEO, Frost Methane Labs

Lindsay James

Strategic Alliances Catalyst, Nucleário

Elliot Roth

Founder, Spira

Samuel Rigu

CEO, Safi Organics

Yehuda Elram

Co-founder & CEO, eggXYt

Mark Lim

Strategist, NamZ

Riana Lynn

CEO, Journey Foods


Senior Director of Codes and Standards, Solar Energy Industries Association

Cathy Zoi


Alan Shaw

Chief Executive Officer, Calysta

Ryan Spies

Director of Sustainability, Energy and Stewardship, Saint-Gobain North America

Rick Luna

Interim Director, Technology & Product Innovation, CPS Energy

Ana Carolina Oliveira

Head of Sustainable Finance, Americas, ING

Travis Buholtz

EV Specialist, The Electrification Coalition

Xavier HOUOT

Senior Vice President, Chief Environment Officer, Schneider Electric

Kristin Slavin

Associate Director - Building Innovations, Sidewalk Labs

Samuel Bertram

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OnePointOne

Naomi Rosenthal

Director, Land and Water, South Pole

Erica Eaton

Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO, Comfy

Oliver Camp

Senior Associate (Innovation), Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Michael Tubbs

Mayor, City of Stockton

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Founder, Ocean Collectiv

Diego Saez Gil

Co-founder & CEO, Pachama

Lisa Jackson

VP, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple

Erika Myers

Principal, Transportation Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance

kevin Hagen

VP, Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy, Iron Mountain

Hana Kajimura

Sustainability, Allbirds

Peter Muhoro

SVP of Strategy, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Jonathan Knight

Co-founder & CEO, Uprise Energy

Allison Ward, Dell Technologies

Regulatory Engineer, Sustainable Materials, Dell

Jose Manuel Moller

Founder and CEO, Algramo

Darci Vetter

Global Lead, Public Affairs & Vice Chair, Agriculture, Food, Edelman

Michael Pariser

Origination, Grid-Scale Power, EDF Renewables

Dawn Schellenberg

Public Affairs Manager, Seattle Department of Transportation

Justin Kamine

Co-founder and Partner, KDC

Andrew Kessler

Managing Director, Investment & Portfolio Management, NY Green Bank

Jessi Baker

Founder & CEO, Provenance

Jacob Schultz

VP of People, Trove

Laura Vendetta

Manager, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Andrew Savage

VP & Head of Sustainability & Impact, Lime

Brandon Marques

VP of Strategy & Finance, Carbon Direct

Hank Cauley

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Nature 4 Justice

Glenn Wright

VP New Energies, Shell

Mathsy Kutty

Regional Manager, Infosys

Grant Ervin

Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh

Clayton Bedwell

Sr. Manager of Commercial Strategy, Renewable Services, Direct Energy

Bonnie McClafferty

Director, Food Safety, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Sameer Rashid

Partner, Pure Energy Partners

Emily Johannes

Category Manager - Ethical Sourcing, Nestlé

Daniel Sanchez

Assistant Specialist, University of California at Berkeley

Tim Hardman

Beef Director, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Mariah Kennedy

Head of Data Center Energy Strategy (Global), Microsoft

Nate Crosser

Startup Growth Specialist, Good Food Institute

Susanne LeBlanc

Head of Special Projects, Global Sustainability, Chanel

Laura Bliss

Reporter, Bloomberg News

Anthony Kinslow II, PhD

Founder and CEO, Gemini Energy Solutions


President & CEO, IoTecha

Kate Schaffner

Manager, Global Sustainability, Kellogg's

Jan Köpper

Head of Impact Transparency and Sustainability, GLS Bank

Lauren Baker

Director of Programs, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Laura Mervelskemper

Head of Impact Transparency and Sustainability, GLS Bank

Christian Geis

Commercial Director, Lebensbaum

Nikhil Vadhavkar

CEO, Raptor Maps

Jason Mathers

Director, Vehicles & Freight Strategy, EDF

Mark McPherson

Founder and Executive Director, City Forest Credits

Karimah Hudda

Global Sustainability Lead - Procurement, Mondelez International

Elba Horta

Business Development Manager,

Michele Nesbit

COO & Cofounder, BoxPower

Francis O'Sullivan

SVP of Strategy, Ørsted

Brian Griffith

Executive Chairman, Griffith Foods

Bryce Smith

CEO, LevelTen

Mark Goodwin

CEO, Apex Clean Energy

Max Scher

Head of Clean Energy and Carbon Programs, Salesforce

Matthew Potts

S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics, University of California at Berkeley

Karthik Karathur

President, Locus Agricultural Solutions

Krysta Harden

Executive Vice President of Global Environmental Strategy, Dairy Management Inc

Vince Digneo

Head of Sustainability, Adobe

Ajay Mehta

Global Manager, New Energies Research & Technology, Shell

David Sawaya

Senior Manager, Decarbonization Strategies, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Burgess Davis

Vice President, Global Sustainable Packaging and Sustainability Strategy, PepsiCo

Theodore Rolfvondenbaumen

Communications Manager, Neste

Chris Cooper

Vice President North America Renewable Aviation, Neste

Maggie Thomas

Political Director, Evergreen

Rob Threlkeld

Sustainable Energy, Supply & Reliability, General Motors

Phil Rausch

Business Development Manager, Hemlock Semiconductor

Edwina Hughes

Engagement Specialist, World Resources Institute

Lauren Phipps

Director & Senior Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz

Dylan de Thomas

VP of Industry Collaboration, The Recycling Partnership

Marisa Buchanan

Head of Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase

Jonathan Toews

Captain, Chicago Blackhawks

Steve Oldham

CEO, Carbon Engineerig

Andy Johnson

Director, Winneshiek Energy District

Bill Van Amburg

Executive Vice President, CALSTART

Lenwood Coleman

Chief Program Officer, Groundswell

Joel Makower

Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz

Carlo Oliveras

Director, La Maraña

Taj Eldridge

Senior Director of Investment, LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

Vic Shao, CEO @ AMPLY Power

CEO, Amply Power

Amy Westervelt

Founder, Executive Producer, Critical Frequency

Jennifer Ruch

Director, Sustainability, Equinix

saul griffith

Founder / Principal Scientist, Otherlab