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Brandon Beyer

Application Development Manager, Homecare & Industrial Cleaning

Allison Hunter

Technical Services Manager, Houston Solution Center

Jessica Drangeid

Application Development Specialist, Car Care

Ali Kian

Senior Innovation Chemist – CASE

Ralph Barthel

Technical Services Manager, CASE

Stephen Hollman

Senior Manager, Application Development

Arnita Wofford

Global Marketing & Technical Director, Beauty & Personal Care

Rebecca Robinson

Senior Marketing Manager, North America, Beauty & Personal Care

Nick Powell

President, Ingredients & Specialties President, EMEA & APAC

Emma Bousset

Application Development Specialist, CASE

Mohamad Srour

Account Manager, Germany

Rob Stepan

Application Development Specialist, Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids

John Hardt

Application Development Specialist, Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids

Jesse Ziobro

Senior Chemist, Innovation – Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids

Carlos Galeano

Technical Manager, Chemical Manufacturing, LATAM

Ana Santiago

Quality Control Inspector, Operations, LATAM

Diana Ferreira

Laboratory Analyst II, LATAM

Flavia Silva

Technical Development Specialist, LATAM

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Application Development Specialist, Water Treatment, North America

John Fulcher

Director of Product Marketing, Water Treatment, North America

Christian Jeuris

Business Development Manager, Agriculture, North America

James Rogers

General Manager, Agriculture, North America

Neha Sahu

Application Specialist, Beauty & Personal Care, Essen Solution Center

Margot Peltot

Junior Application Specialist, Essen Solution Center

Irene Ferinka Prijono

Junior Application Specialist, Essen Solution Center

Claudia Barba

Technical Manager, North America, Beauty & Personal Care, Houston Solution Center

Bianca Coria

Senior Chemist, Beauty & Personal Care, Houston Solution Center

Chef Mike Haracz

Corporate Chef, Culinary Development Lead, Chicago Solution Center – Foodology by Univar Solutions

Charles Purcell

Senior Manager, Application Development, Foodology by Univar Solutions

Dylan Morton

Culinary Development Scientist, Chicago Solution Center

Nadeen Myers

Application Development Specialist, Chicago Solution Center

Natalia McDonagh

Head of Marketing & Technical Sales, Foodology by Univar Solutions EMEA

Danielle Mailey

Technical Sales Manager, Foodology by Univar Solutions EMEA

Glyn Yarnall

Product Development Chef, Bingham & Jones

Adam Duxbury

Product Development Manager, Colour, EMEA

Jessica Zhang

Technical Services Manager, Pharmaceutical Ingredients Lab, Houston Solution Center

Tracy Sheehan

Technical Business Development Manager, Nutraceuticals USA, East Region

Karina Avdyllari

Pharma Application Development Specialist, Canada & USA

Tamar Serapian

Technical Business Development Manager, Nutraceuticals USA, West Region

Sarah Goncalves

Technical Business Development Manager, Nutraceuticals, Canada

Eduardo Adachi

Laboratory Specialist, Consumer Solutions, Brazil

Will McKee

Senior Analytical Chemist, Houston Solution Center

Andrew Mint

‪Senior Director, Global Solution Centers

Jim Holcomb

‪Senior Vice President & President Chemical Distribution, North America

Josh Ackerman

Global Marketing Manager CASE and Sustainable & Natural Products

Kelly Gilroy

‪Vice President, Sustainable & Natural Products

Liam McCarroll

‪Director, Global Sustainability

Rob Whitney

Vice President, Global Marketing

Steve Martinez

Vice President, Digital Solutions

Silke Langer

Team Lead Solutions Center

Katarzyna Romek-Cheviron

Application Specialist HIC

Aline Belleza

Market Coordinator

Camila Mucioli

Sr. Business Manager

Jeniffer Assis

Laboratory Analyst

Maria Clara Saldanha

Laboratory Analyst

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