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Tim Huet

Founder of the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives

Chandra Irvin

Executive Director of the Center for Peace & Spiritual Renewal at Spalding University

Joseph Cureton

Chief Coordinating Officer at Obran Cooperative

Benny Overton

Co-Executive Director at Southeast Center for Cooperative Development

Rosemarie Rieger

Co-Executive Director at Southeast Center for Cooperative Development

Elizabeth Garlow

Co-Founder of Francesco Collaborative

amaha sellassie

Co-Executive Director at Co-op Dayton

Jonny Sopotiuk

President of the Arts and Cultural Workers Union (ACWU)

Casey Whitten-Amadon

Staff Attorney at IUE-CWA International

Troy Walcott

President and Founder of People's Choice Communications

Melissa Scanlan

Lynde B. Uihlein Endowed Chair in Water Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chris Bennett

Business Legacy Fund Acquisition Program Manager at Co-op Cincy

Carol Smith

Co-Founder of Renting Partnerships

Robert Killins

Director of Special Initiatives at Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Jonathan Welle

Executive Director at Cleveland Owns

Matt Currie

Managing Attorney at Advocates for Basic Legal Equality

Dave McLean

Sub District Director of United Steelworkers and Board Member of Co-op Cincy

Joe Logan

President of Ohio Farmers Union

Lela Klein

Co-Executive Director at Co-op Dayton

Sarah Wooley

Secretary General at Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union

Alex Bird

Founding Member of Union Co-ops UK

Julian Manley

Editor of The Preston Model of Community Wealth Building (Routledge, 2021)

Anita Mangan

Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at the University of Bristol

Andy Birchall

Founding Member of Union Co-ops UK

Simon Taylor

Founding Member of Union Co-ops UK

Margery Spinney

Co-Founder of Renting Partnerships

Ana Aguirre

Cooperative Development at TAZEBAEZ

Kristen Barker

Executive Director of Co-op Cincy

Ellen Vera

Director of Development and Co-op Organizing at Co-op Cincy

Kenya Baker

Unified Power Cooperative Director

Paloma Correa

Co-op Culture and Business Developer at Co-op Cincy

Clancy McGilligan

Communications and Development Program Manager at Co-op Cincy

Cynthia Pinchback-Hines

Racial Justice Educator and Co-op Developer at Co-op Cincy

Angelica Kollie

Officer Administrator and Co-op Business Developer at Co-op Cincy

Oscar Muguerza

Head of Business Banking at Laboral Kutxa

Christina Clamp

Professor of Sociology at Southern New Hampshire University

Ra Criscitiello

Deputy Director of Research at SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West

R Dennis Olson

Senior Research Associate at United Food & Commercial Workers International Union

Norman Wolfe

Author of The Living Organization

Brian Corbin

Executive Vice President, Member Services at Catholic Charities USA

Felipe Witchger

Co-Founder of Francesco Collaborative

Jeanette Webster

Chief Investment Officer at Evergreen Cooperative Corporation

Michael Peck

Executive Director of 1worker1vote

Rebecca Moix

VP of Finance at Intrust IT

Chris Cooper

Director of Ohio Employee Ownership Center

Mona Jenkins

Cooperative Food Justice Coordinator at Co-op Cincy

Eric Britton

Partner at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP

Katy Heins

Senior Organizer at Community Change and Board President of Co-op Cincy

Michaela Oldfield

Director of Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council

Ibon Zugasti

International Project Manager at LKS Cooperative (Management Consulting Division of Mondragon)

Gopal Dayaneni

Board Member of Seed Commons

Babbie Jacobs

Community Capital Working Group Chair of Social Venture Circle

Mick McKeown

Founding Member of Union Co-ops UK

Flequer Vera

Director of Sustainergy

Lauren Grattan

Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of Mission Driven Finance

Jacqueline Radebaugh

Associate Attorney with Jason Wiener P.C.

Rebecca Lurie

Founder of the Community and Worker Ownership Project at City University of New York

Niglmoro "Niki" Okuk

Board President at Downtown Crenshaw Rising

John Holdsclaw

Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the National Cooperative Bank

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Co-op Cincy

We support and help launch worker-owned businesses, creating an economy that works for all!

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National Cooperative Bank

Working Together. Building Community.

Cooperative Development Foundation

The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) promotes self-help and mutual aid in community, economic, and social development through cooperative enterprise.

United Steelworkers Subdistrict 3

We are the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union.

Christ Church Cathedral

We welcome you to Christ Church Cathedral – ours is a vibrant Episcopal community that strives to be a center of compassion and justice that translates into action.

Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council

Working tirelessly to improve the lives of working people.

IBEW Local 212

Providing electrical construction workers with the highest level of training and benefits in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue

We believe that by working together our horizons are endless.


Sustainergy Cooperative is a worker-owned insulation and energy efficiency company committed to sustainability and social justice.

Shared Capital Cooperative

Shared Capital Cooperative is a national CDFI loan fund that connects co-ops and capital to build economic democracy.

Co-op Dayton

Co-op Dayton organizes community movement and incubates cooperative enterprise for a just local economy.

Cincinnati Development Fund

CDF provides innovative real estate financing for projects that strengthen low-income communities and improve lives.

United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 75

A Voice for Working America

Steve Sleigh

President at Sleigh Strategy LLC

Kroner Dry Cleaners

Kroner Dry Cleaners has been providing quality dry cleaning and laundry services to the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1939.

Robeson Marketing & Design, LLC

Let us help you tell your story.