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To Seek Justice - 17 & 18 Jan 2021

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Carol Black

President, Martin Luther King, Jr., CommUNITY of Greater Kennett Area

Anita Friday

Attorney, workshop facilitator, community activist, author.

Allison Acevedo

Attorney, Director of Environmental Justice at the PA Department of Environmental Protection

Kaya Mosley

Lincoln University student

Joan Mulholland

Freedom Rider, teacher, civil rights activist

Loki Mulholland

Filmmaker, producer, director, writer, editor, son of Joan Mulholland

Tiy Adams

Child, Adolescent, and Adult psychiatrist

Christina Edmondson

Cultural Intelligence facilitator, public speaker, mental health therapist, leadership development, anti-racism training

Richard Gordon

Principal of Robeson High School in Philadelphia

Todd Pride

MLK Board member

Anisah Barber

Lincoln University student

Phillip Carter

Gospel recording artist, songwriter, musician, producer, director

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Hosted by

Martin Luther King CommUNITY of Greater Kennett Area

To create a beloved community in Greater Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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Expo Overview

An overview of the organization of booths in this Expo

Dimensions of Justice

The need for Justice is present in all aspects of our world: environmental, racial, gender, educational, medical, ...

Sponsors + Messages from Elected & Governmental Officials

The MLK CommUNITY is grateful for the support of many governmental officials and agency representatives

"Voices in the Landscape: Deeply Rooted" Exhibit

(Video 6:32) Visit Longwood Gardens for a sneak preview of "Voices in the Landscape: Deeply Rooted" with Storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston. Free Gardens admission on January 18 for conference attendees with proof of conference registration.

Message - U.S. Repr. Chrissy Houlahan

MLK CommUNITY Day 2021 | U. S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan, Pennsylvania

Message - State Senator Comitta

MLK CommUNITY Day 2021 | State Senator Carolyn Comitta, Pennsylvania

Tributes - King & Lewis

Remembering Dr. King & Representative John Lewis

MLK: The Voice We Need but Do Not Want

MLK: The Voice We Need but Do Not Want | Gregory Thompson (13:24)

John Lewis' early speech ; Remembering Lewis & C.T. Vivian

Articles: How an early speech was changed (Washington Post). A tribute to John L. Lewis & C.T. Vivian (CNN). Both July 18, 2020)

Environmental Justice

One earth. For all of us to live on for all generations to come.

Justice In Chester

The grassroots struggle to stop the clustering of commercial waste facilities in Chester, PA. (26:46)

Community Voices on Environmental Justice

Stories about the lessons that they have learned over their time working on environmental justice. (At least 16 video stories)

A Curriculum for Anti-Racism

A curated collection of material for understanding racism in America and building toward an Anti-Racist society.

Race: Biology & History

What is "race"? (...zooming into the experience of race in the US.)

The biology of race in the absence of biological races

The biology of race in the absence of biological races: Rick Kittles at TEDxNorthwesternU (16:54)

Race: Human

"Race: Human". The Un-Science of Race Categories | Teja Arboleda | TEDxClarkUniversity (18:23)

How Race Was Made

How Race Was Made - S2 E2 | "Scene On Radio" Podcast (audio: 28:32) (transcript also)

Theories on race & role of violence

Bonilla-Silva frameworks; more on Race in America

Bonilla-Silva Frameworks

The Central Frames of Color-Blind Racism | Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (Chapter 3 - 2013)

Race in America

Race in America | Holy Post - by creator of Veggie Tales (17:52)

Justice - Bible Project Animation

"Justice" is a felt need in our world today and a controversial topic. But what is justice, exactly, and who gets to define it? (6:17)

Where Did Lynchings Occur?

In the century after the Civil War, as many as 5000 people of color were murdered by mobs who believed the cause of white supremacy. Interactive site.

Concepts of Race

Concepts of Race, Political Views, & Doctrine of Discovery

What is the Doctrine of Discovery?

What is the Doctrine of Discovery? - In 7 Minutes | Mark Charles (7:41)

Origins of Race

The Origins of Race | Dr. Willie Jennings - Theology, Racism, and Christian Practice: How Shall We Respond? (55:05)

Can Rotten Roots Be Redeemed?

Can Rotten Roots Be Redeemed? The Myth of Moral Progress | Christina Edmondson (44:48)

We The People

'We the People' - the three most misunderstood words in US history | Mark Charles | TEDxTysons (17:44)

Housing & Race & Privilege

Critical Race Theory, Survey Results, Housing & Race, White Privilege, Internalized Racism

Race in America 2019 | Pew Research

Race in America 2019 | Juliana Menasce Horowitz, Anna Brown, and Kiana Cox | Pew Research Center

Critical Race Theory (document)

Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is a theoretical and interpretive mode that examines the appearance of race and racism across dominant cultural modes of expression.

1967 Town Hall: Housing & Race

Inner Core: City Within a City Special | PBS Wisconsin (1:01:47)

How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion

"How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion": Peggy McIntosh at TEDx TimberlaneSchools (18:26)

Internalized Racism List

Internalized Racism List for People of Color (Non-White Identifying)

Medical Apartheid ; Racial Scapegoating

Asian American experience, inter-minority dynamics, and Medical Racism

Covid-19 & Hispanics

CDC data on Covid-19 deaths for Hispanics; compare to other information you may have seen.

Medical Apartheid | Washington

C-Span video of Harriet Washington talking about Medical Apartheid (1:21:07)

Stop AAPI Hate

5 Things to consider... ; 5 Ways to help ...

Three in Ten Americans Blame China or Chinese People for the Pandemic

Center for Public Integrity Poll - 2020

Pandemics: waves of disease & hate

Pandemics: waves of disease, waves of hate from the Plague of Athens to A.I.D.S. | Samuel K. Cohn (2015)

Blaming Ethnic Groups for Disease Outbreaks

The ugly history of blaming ethnic groups for disease outbreaks. | The Japan Times - Feb 20, 2020

Implicit Bias & Structural Racialization

Implicit Bias & Structural Racialization

Implicit Bias & Structural Racialization

Implicit Bias & Structural Racialization | National Equity Project

Harvard Implicit Bias Tests

Knowing your implicit biases is the beginning of being able to 'manage' them.

Implicit Biases: We all have them

Unconcious Bias: We didn't ask for them. We don't want them. We all have them. (8:09)

First Experiences With Racism

“Everybody in the room spat in your Coke”: black celebrities tell their first experience with racism. | Vox


Debates on Racism; Civil Rights; Application to Leadership

Civil Rights Act: A Victory For Both Sides

The Civil Rights Act was a victory against racism. But racists also won. The bill unleashed a poisonous idea: that America had defeated racism.

Debates on Race: 1965: (Baldwin v. Buckley)

James Baldwin v. William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University: "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?" (58:57)

Debates on Race: 2018: (McWhorter v. Singh)

Has Anti-Racism Become as Harmful as Racism? John McWhorter vs. Nikhil Singh (1:48:14)

Alfre Woodard reads Maria Stewart

Alfre Woodard reads an address by Maria Stewart. Part of a reading from Voices of a People's History of the United States (3:41)

Applying Anti Racist Principles in Your Leadership

2019 Webinar: What it means to be anti-racist, what makes it critically important now, and how you can show up as an anti-racist leader. (58:54)

Changing Minds & Hearts

Changing Minds & Hearts; How to Weaken Hate in the U.S.

How To Change Opinions?

How Can You Change Somebody's Opinion? (4:38)

How to change minds?

How can you change someone's mind? (hint: facts aren't always enough) - Hugo Mercier (4:39)

How To Weaken Hate

A former white supremacist on how to weaken hate in US (7:43)

How A Rising Star Of White Nationalism Broke Free From The Movement

How A Rising Star Of White Nationalism Broke Free From The Movement - September 24, 2018 - NPR (41:00)

Assessing Progress

Lists for assessing organizations; Ignoring White Privilege in Churches

Anti-Racist Assessment Lists

Use these example lists to develop your own filters for your organization's anti-racist progress.

Ignoring White Privilege & Racism in the Church

Ignoring White Privilege and Racism in the Church | The Interview (25:47)

Past MLK CommUNITY Events

As we find material in our archives and make it available, they will be found in sub-areas here.

2017 MLK CommUNITY Breakfast

Held at the Red Clay Room in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Invocation - Lydia E. Muñoz

Invocation at the 2017 MLK CommUNITY Breakfast | Rev. Lydia E. Muñoz (0:59)

Documentary Films

Select documentaries

A Separate Place: The Schools P.S. du Pont Built

Documentary about the ambiguous legacy of segregation and desegregation in African American education. (53:34)

Hosanna AUMP Church at Lincoln University

Video about the significance of Hosanna Church at Lincoln University prepared by historian Dr. Cheryl Gooch for new students. (5:26)

"One Night In Miami": The True Story

The True History Behind ‘One Night In Miami’ | Regina King’s directorial debut dramatizes a 1964 meeting between Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown (2021)

Music Videos

Select music videos

Keep Your Lamps | Lincoln University Concert Choir

The Lincoln University Concert Choir performing 'Keep Your Lamps' by Andre' Thomas. (3:22)

Hold Fast to Dreams | Lincoln University Concert Choir

Lincoln University Concert Choir- "Hold Fast to Dreams"- Roland Carter at Douglas Memorial Community Church- Professor Edryn J. Coleman conductor- M. Helen Meacham, piano — at Douglas Memorial Community Church. (7:23)

Order My Steps | Lincoln University Choir

Order My Steps performed by Lincoln University Choir (7:04)

Bonse Aba | Lincoln University Concert Choir

Bonse Aba performed by Lincoln University Concert Choir. (3:14)

National Anthem | Lincoln University Concert Choir

Lincoln University Concert Choir Sings National Anthem at Phillies Home Game. (2:26)

Lift Every Voice And Sing | Lincoln University Concert Choir

Lift Every Voice And Sing Composed By:J. Rosamond Johnson Conducted By: Prof. E. Coleman Accompanied By: Eva Young. (4:18)

Lincoln University Choir at HBCU Choral Festival 2020

HBCU Choral Festival held at Norfolk State University Sunday, February 23, 2020 L. Douglas Wilder Performing Arts Center. (16:07)

I Been Prayin' | Cheyney University Concert Choir

Cheyney University Concert Choir- I Been Prayin'- Mervyn Warren Professor Marques L. A. Garrett, conductor. Toni Caldwell-Hall, piano — at Douglas Memorial Community Church. (3:19)

Were You There? | Cheyney & Lincoln Choirs

Were You There? (SATB, piano) - arr. Marques L. A. Garrett, by combined Cheyney & Lincoln University Choirs (4:57)