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GG deFiebre

SRNA Director of Research and Programs

Krissy Dilger

SRNA Research and Program Manager

Roberta Pesce

SRNA Creative Director

Skye Corken

SRNA Communication & Engagement Coordinator

Rebecca Whitney

SRNA Associate Director of Programs and Community Support

Lydia Dubose

SRNA Community Engagement Manager

Lisa Jones

Alexion AstraZeneca

Megan McCartney

SRNA Community Member

Julie Barry

TM Warrior

Kyle Blackburn

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Jonathan Galli

University of Utah

Paul Garrett

SRNA Peer Connect Leader & Volunteer

Alan Finger

SRNA Peer Connect Leader & Volunteer

Chitra Krishnan

SRNA Executive Director

Sandy Siegel

SRNA President

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The nonprofit advocating for people with rare neuroimmune disorders. Accelerating research for a cure.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ADEM | AFM | MOGAD | NMOSD | ON | TM⁣

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Intro to TM

Studying Disorders Collectively

Your Health Care Team

Immune System 101

Nervous System 101

Systems & Disorders 101

Connection Zone: Meet & Greet

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The Future of Diagnosing TM

Psychosocial Aspects

Research 101

Temperature Sensitivity

Pediatric Mental Health

Study: TM in Veterans Health Records

Resource Library

TM Information

SRNA Events

Adaptations and Mobility

Pediatric to Adult Care

Relapses vs. Symptoms

Health Disparities

Talking With Your Child

Psychological Changes

Community Stories

Understanding Pediatric RND

Meet an OT & PT

Living with RND

Transverse Myelitis: Symptom Management