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TIP OpenWiFi Launch 2021

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Participating Organizations


David Hutton

Chief Engineer, Telecom Infra Project

Dan Rabinovitsj

Vice President, Facebook Connectivity

Dr. Derek Peterson

Chief Technology Officer, Boingo

Claus Hetting (Moderator)

CEO & Chairman, Wi-Fi NOW

Roy Chua (Moderator)

Founder & Principal, Avid Think

Tiago Rodrigues (Moderator)

CEO, WB Alliance

Daniel Brower

VP of Technology Business Operations/Development, Deutsche Telekom

Leanne Da Cerca

Senior Manager, MTN Group Enterprise Unit

Mark Kinlen

VP, Connectivity & B2B Development, Liberty Global

Nick Kucharewski

VP & GM Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies

Rishi Ghare

Founder & CEO, Indio Networks

Khetan Gajjar

Executive Head: Fixed & Mobile, Technical & Commercial Lead, Vodacom

Kishore Raja

Vice President, Engineering Strategy, Boingo

Chris Busch

Co-Chair, Open Converged Wireless TIP Project Group, Facebook

Kris Singh

Global Director of IoT Security, DigiCert

Jaspreet Sachdev

Solution Architect, Facebook

Doron Givoni

Solution Architect, Facebook

Sitarama Penumetsa

CTO, Candela Technologies

Joe Epstein

President & CEO, Plumeria Networks

Bernard Herscovici

Founder & CEO, NetExperience

Mads Lillelund

CEO, Benu Networks

Raj Gajwani

Director, Orion Wifi, Google

Sascha Dech

System Architect & Lead Developer User Interfaces, Deutsche Telekom

Adi Ruppin

Co-founder & CEO, Ananda

Guillermo Diaz Jr

Chief Executive Officer, Kloudspot

Sivan Rauscher

Co-founder & CEO, SAM Seamless Network

Edgar Masri

CEO, Accton Group

Oren Binder

Marketing Director, OnGo Alliance

James Chen

Associate Vice President, Product Marketing, MediaTek USA, Inc.

Jonathan Angel

Managing Director, iBrowse

Mike Penney

Senior Vice President, American Bandwidth

Tom Rao

Sr. Business Development Director, CIG

Joe Epstein

President & CEO, Plumeria Networks

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Hosted by

Telecom Infra Project

Accelerating the development & deployment of open, disaggregated, standards-based solutions – to deliver high quality connectivity globally.



Realtime location intelligence. Always on opportunity.

Benu Networks

Simplifying the Edge


NetExperience, the leading solution for Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoaming

Cambridge Industries USA, Inc. (CIG USA)

CIG High-Performance OpenWiFi Product Launch


Infinite Possibilities

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Inventing the tech the world loves


Revolutionising the service provider’s approach to customer experience

Candela Technologies

Network Testing and Emulation Solutions

Indio Networks

Simplifying Connectivity

Edgecore Networks

Transforming the Way the World Connects