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Ali Abdaal

YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Shelby Church

Tech & Lifestyle YouTuber

Blake Michael

Actor, Creator, and Chief Evangelist @Lumanu

Graham Heavenrich

Founder & CEO @Cowbelly

Kyla Scanlon

Entrepreneur, Tiktoker, Twitter Influencer

Markian Benhamou

Facebook Creator, Founder @ SmileSquad

Joma Tech


Adrienne Young

Social Lab @Google, prev @ConstitutionDAO, @FentyBeauty

Mia Finney

Snapchat & TikTok Creator

Brooke Berry

Head of Talent Development @Snapchat

Marina Mogilko

YouTuber, Entrepreneur, also known as @linguamarina @siliconvalleygirl

Nate O'Brien

Finance & Minimalism YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Investor

Tiffany Matloob

Global Head of Creator Community @YouTube Shorts, Prev @Instagram @meta & @TikTok

Crystal Mais

Creator Partnerships + Community @ Clubhouse, Prev @Netflix

Jade Darmawangsa

Founder @Nftreehaus, Entrepreneur, YouTuber

David Imel

YouTuber, Writer/Researcher @MKBHD @TheStudio, Prev @Android

Zack Honarvar

Management @airrack @yestheory @thecheekyboyos, Cofounder & CEO @CreatorNow, Prev @Shopify

Sandy Lin

Tiktok Creator, Entrepreneur

Airrack (Eric Decker)


Thomas Frank

YouTuber, Podcaster

Casey Adams

Co-Founder, MediaKits & Host, The Casey Adams Show

Drake Rehfeld

Principal, Day One Ventures

Serena Li

The Drop Team

Ben Huffman

CEO @Contra

Samantha Taylor

Head of Social & Content @Contra

Sebastian (AskSebby) Fung

@AskSebby @SubsribeEquity

Daniel Kosmala

Video Expert & Creator @Uscreen

Zoe Lugwig

User Education Lead @Notion

Rob Wilson

YouTuber-in-Residence @VidIQ

Conrad Wadowski

CEO @Kick

Jonathan Chang

XIR @ Brex, Founder @ GenZScouts, Investor @ DayDream Ventures

Ev Tchebotarev

CEO @Sloika, prev founded @500px

Anisha Sunkerneni

Founder @PillThePod, prev ConstitutionDAO

Nick Chen

CEO @Pico

Ashley Shroeder

Creator Marketing Consultant & Leader"

Luba Yudasina

The Drop Team

Jon Youshaei

Creator-in-Residence @OriginProtocol, Head Creator Advisor, TubeBuddy

Hellthyjunkfood (JP & Julia)

Content Creators

Erich Lochner

VP Creator Partnerships @JellySmack

Hassan Khadair

Comedian, Creator 7M+

Hannah Warling

Digital Creator 1.2M+

Stanzi Potenza

Comedian, Creator 2.5M+

Twi Shorts

Video Creator 6.5M+

Espree Devora

Podcaster, Creator, Clubhouse Icon

Shane Fan

Creator, Founder, Tiktoker 4M+

Gidon Rotteveel

Co-Founder @delkatalents

Joseph Albanese

CEO @Stir

Francesca Hogi

Clubhouse Icon, Dating and Life Strategist

Peter Hollens

Creator, Investor, Advisor, Vocal Artist

Sherman Standberry

YouTuber, CPA

Krystal Standberry

YouTuber, CPA

Sushen Talwar

The Drop Team

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The Drop 2022

The Drop Feb 17th is a full day virtual creator conference that brings together creators from various industries talking about topics surrounding creator economy, brand monetization, and growth.