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The Trinity Challenge - Awards Ceremony

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Steve Davis

Co-Chair, WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group

Mark Dybul

Co-Director, Center for Global Health Impact at Georgetown University

Sally Davies

Founder, The Trinity Challenge

Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Executive Chair, HigherLife Foundation

Hala Audi

CEO, The Trinity Challenge

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The Trinity Challenge

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PODD turns farmers into disease detectives to serve as a front-line surveillance system, to prevent disease spill-over from animals.

Blood Counts!

Blood Counts! will use AI to turn 3.6 billion complete blood count tests today into a global surveillance dataset to detect disease outbreaks.

Sentinel Forecast

The Sentinel Forecasting System will provide real-time infectious disease risk for haemorrhagic fevers (e.g., Lassa fever, Ebola) in West Africa.


A disease surveillance system that detects pathogens in air and water through wireless sensors, up to one week before cases present.

MedShr EWS

An early warning system for infectious and novel diseases that applies AI, NLP and social listening technology to real world medical data captured in its peer-learning platform


VaccineLedger uses blockchain to track each vaccine vial from its creation all the way to the end user, helping to eliminate vaccine waste in supply chains

Living Goods

Proactive and predictive digital performance management systems for Community Health Workers, ensure the continued provision of essential health services across Africa.

Khushi Health

A suite of digital solutions equips Community Health Workers to better coordinate patient care, and health officials to leverage data for insights and action.


In partnership with governments and by learning from public data, STRIATA brings hyper-specific predictive insight on demand, supply, and health systems capacity to enable a more equitable distribution of resources

Connected Diagnostics

An early warning system for outbreaks, combining connected, point-of-care diagnostics and broad surveillance on disease risk, in a single platform


BIOGEM assesses threats from new disease variants on immunity and vaccine effectiveness, by leveraging genomics and broader surveillance data.


CrisisReady is platform for developing and scaling mobility data pipelines and the analytical tools needed to translate this complex data into meaningful insights


The world’s first real-time, AI-enabled literature review tool, that helps the healthcare community navigate infodemics, and translate research into practice

Connected Diagnostics for Epidemics

Connected Diagnostics for epidemic preparedness strengthens the African health system through health workers. It provides insights on disease outbreaks, transparency on health costs, safer clinics, and better-quality care for patients.


Mosquitoes cause 750m illnesses / year. Moskeet’s sensors track their populations and the diseases they harbor, to anticipate disease spread.

MAPP: Mapping to Prevent Pandemics

Using artificial intelligence and novel data to map fine-scale zoonotic disease risk, to predict and prevent future pandemics.