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Net Zero Technology Centre

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Net Zero Technology Centre

Our purpose is to develop and deploy technology for an affordable net zero energy industry.

TechX Clean Energy Accelerator

Accelerating tech start-ups for a net zero energy industry


Imagine a circular economy with no need for fossil fuels... We do!


Using unmanned aviation to accurately quantify methane emissions and unlock the path to net zero.


Automating submerged asset inspections with portable underwater drones


The Digital Worker Platform

Mocean Energy Ltd

Mocean Energy designs machines that generate renewable energy from ocean waves.

Mission Zero Technologies

Cheap & Decentralised DAC for CCUS

PlanSea Solutions

Marine Logistics Emissions and Cost Reduction Through AI Optimisation


A competition platform to accelerate progress in data-driven control problems

sHYp BV Ltd.

Green hydrogen from sea water without desalination

Spartan Solutions

Improved asset availability, reduced downtime, increased efficiency.

Taurob Robotic Inspection

ATEX certified, autonomous, ground robots for inspection and maintenance


Monitor, Analyse and Control your Carbon Footprint

Cameron Live

Platform support