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The Rise of Privacy Tech Virtual Summit 2021

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Kim Wuyts

Privacy researcher | Principal developer of LINDDUN | Co-author of the Threat Modeling Manifesto

Patricia Thaine

CEO at Private AI; CS PhD Candidate at University of Toronto

Didier Dorélien

Entrepreneur, Privacy & Senior Software Engineer | Building enriching experiences with privacy and security by design.

Gilbert Hill

Privacy Technologist | Entrepreneur in Privacy Tech & blockchain | Advisor on GDPR, responsible marketing strategies

Melanie Ensign (she/her)

Security & Privacy Communications Advisor

Eve Maler

CTO at ForgeRock, leading its Labs team investigating digital identity challenges and innovations

Steve Wilson

Independent researcher, innovator and data protection adviser.

Kiran Gopinath

Creating a user & consent centric marketplace at the intersection of automated data & finance

Alexandra Ross

Director, Senior Data Protection, Use & Ethics Counsel @ Autodesk, Inc., Founder @ The Privacy Guru, Advisor @ BreachRx.

Kohei Kurihara

Co-founder at the leading data privacy community. A not-for-profit organization working to enhance privacy culture.

Mandar Shinde

CEO of Blotout, a privacy engineering company that is moving Cloud SaaS apps to your cloud prem.

Nate Kinch

Founder, investor, & innovation leader helping ask & answer: How can we build something that's worthy of people's trust?

Rich Vibert

Metomic, based in the UK, helps tech companies discover and control sensitive data in their cloud.

The Rise of Privacy Tech (TROPT)

The Rise of Privacy Tech Founder | PIX LLC CEO | Privacy Tech Strategist, Board Advisor & Investor

Neil Sweeney

Killi is a company driven by the evolution of consumer data and privacy.

Kevin Riggle

Helped successfully implement GDPR at Stripe and CCPA at Lyft, between Legal, Engineering, Security and Privacy.

Abigail Dubiniecki

Lawyer | Certified Privacy Geek | Privtech enthusiast | Speak, write, train & advise on data privacy and strategy issues

Fatima Khan

Privacy & Product @ Okta, The Identity Standard; TROPT Advisor

Kate Parker

COO at Transcend; Former Uber and Google leader; Board Member at Technovation.

Robin Andruss

Privacy Leader | Privacy Tech Advisor & Speaker

Suji Yan

Developed Mask Network and other free software for empowering Cyber citizens to use the internet freely.

Peter Barbosa

Building the future of data privacy. Providing no-code data mapping and DSAR tools for SMB's.

Zoé Vilain

Law firm Partner | Privacy and data protection | Ranked in Business Insider’s 2020 top 100 "to follow in consumer tech"

David Kruger

Co-Founder. Co-Inventor of Software-defined Distributed Key Cryptography, Forbes Technology Council

Jason Cronk

"Strategic Privacy by Design" Author | Privacy Engineer | CIPT, CIPM, CIPP/US, FIP | Chair at Operational Privacy Design

Caroline McCaffery - ClearOPS

Innovates in third party risk due diligence using advanced technologies like deep learning and NLP.

Avishai Ostrin

Senior Privacy Consultant, PrivacyTeam | Mentor, Techstars Accelerator

Michael Keslassy

Co-Founder and CPO at Vendict. Prove compliance & security via AI. Automate risk assessments.

Ash Costello

Lawyer specializing in blockchain and privacy.

Arti Raman

Titaniam uses cutting edge encryption to ensure data privacy & protect assets from ransomware, breaches, & threats

Yannig Roth

Leading Didomi's marketing activities globally, helping organizations understand how to create trust with privacy.

Stéphane Hamel

Digital marketing consultant, startup & agency advisor, Digital Marketing Academic Advisor at Laval University

Allen Woods

How the hell did that happen?

Cillian Kieran

Ethyca's privacy technology powers privacy for global brands like Away, Slice, and Codecademy.

Kelly🔥 Huang

Startup veteran with over a decade of software development and product strategy experience.

Ben Westwood

Ben is responsible for IHS Markit’s regulatory compliance frameworks, such as BMR, MAR, GDPR, SMCR and CCPA.

Simon Keane

UX strategist and creative director with leadership experience, software design, product design, and brand design

Cayce Myers

Director of Grad Studies & Associate Professor at Virginia Tech. Scholar of public relations, comms law, & SM regulation

Andy Dale

Tech Lawyer and Chief Privacy Officer

Debbie Reynolds

The Data Diva | Global Data Privacy & Protection Expert Strategist | Futurist | Top Five Data Privacy Podcast Host

Jeff Jockisch

CEO at PrivacyPlan. CIPP/US. Data broker research. AI Regulation. Privacy-enhancing tech landscape.

Debra Farber

Debra advises privacy tech companies on GTM privacy and ethical tech strategy that resonates via Principled LLC.

Joanne Cooper

Australian Data Exchange is the lead brand of ID Exchange, a privacy first company which provides a range of solutions

Matthew Boulos

Lawyer and computer scientist building the first privacy data engineering platform at Blotout.

Adrienne Allen

Security GRC and Privacy at Coinbase, building security and privacy into Finance 2.0

Kobi Nissan

Co-Founder & CPO at Mine

Kristy Edwards

Privacy tech and cybersecurity guru, startup co-founder, and product leader.

Sophia Suazo


Rhian Lewis

Software developer at Unboxed, entrepreneur, and author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Lea Kissner

Head of Privacy Eng @Twitter. Privacy eng, security, crypto & build respect. they/them

Ben Rapp

Data privacy professional, serial entrepreneur and investor with wide management and consulting experience

Andreas Nautsch

Researcher on voice biometrics; engineering an interdisciplinary security & privacy SIG

James Shelly


Michelle Finneran Dennedy

CEO of Stealthy Privacy

Can Kısagün


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The Rise of Privacy Tech

The Rise of Privacy Tech brings together privacy tech innovators, investors, experts, and evangelists. Together, we fuel privacy innovation.

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