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The On Deck Learning Conference 2021

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Artur Lapinsch


Ben Ford

Founder of Commando Development

Diane Darling

Founder & CEO

Emmy Sobieski

Coach & Founder of My10Min

Scott Meyer

Founding Director at The Nice Center

Caroline Goyder

Founder, Author Gravitas and Find Your Voice

Sonali Nigam

Founder of Petminded

Ryan Chadha

School Founder

Dominic Zijlstra

Founder of

Mark Cheng

Impact Investor, Social Business Advisor, Author

Pauline Verhaeghe

Head of Business Development at The Social Investment Toolkit

Mohammed Abubucker

Founder of mcoach.

Cam Houser

Founder/Instructional Designer/Facilitator at Actionworks

John Bates

Founder of Executive Speaking Success

Gwyn Wansbrough

Facilitator, Trainer, and Experience Designer

Tina Nayak

Co-Founder at Useristics

Paul Harwood

Co-Founder of 101 Research

Corey Wilks

Psychologist and Coach

Elliot Lum

EVP, Growth and Community at ANA | Author of Entrepreneurial Confessions

Elymar Apao

Founder at eUX Philippines

Oisin Mcweeney

Student Support & Primary Specialist at Ministry of Education - Dubai, UAE

Daniel Canosa

Founder at The Notion Academy

Sir Steven Wilkinson

Founder of Good & Prosper

Julie Trelstad

Founder, CEO at 82 Stories, Inc.

Lilian Wanjiku Warutere

Founder of Redesign Learning

Thomas Frank

Youtuber, Author, Podcaster at College Info Geek

Kapil Shah

Founder of Apollo Academy

Tina Smith

Founder at Creative, LLC

Erik Torenberg

Co-Founder at Village Global & On Deck

Dhaval Trivedi

Engineer and Course Creator

John Pinckard

Two-time Tony Award winning Producer, Online Educator, & Creative Recovery Facilitator

Folajimi Odukomaiya

Co-Founder at Data Jedi

Karaminder Ghuman

Owner of Headshot Photography

Jen Vermet

Course and Marketing Manager

Laura Wong

Founder of

Mirela Mazalu

Secretary-General of the European University College Association

Pranshu Agarwal

Founder, StrangerSapiens.Club

Roberto Drilea

Founder at Omniversity

Miriam Hashemi

Network Spinal Chiropractor, Kundalini Yogi, and Functional Medicine Specialist

Will Steiner

Founder of Big Later, the internet's most entertaining crash course on investing

Leo Guinan

Founder at DeFiNet

Kelly Hook

Program Director - On Deck Customer Success Fellowship

Anthony Nardini

Program Director - On Deck First 50 Fellowship

Candice Ammori

Program Director - On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship

Tatiana Figueiredo

Product Coach // Community Builder

Greg Loughnane

Founder at Unautomatable U, LLC

Catherine Raffaele

Founder of BrillUp

Chikodi Chima

Cosmonaut, Moonshot

Karthik Puvvada

Program Director - On Deck No-Code Fellowship

John Katzman

Founder and CEO of Noodle

Julia Saxena

Copywriter and Online Course Specialist

Anne Mühlethaler

Founder of Out of the Clouds Sarl

Chris Samiullah

Founder of CourseMaker

Maya and Sofia Kristof

Content Creators

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On Deck

On Deck is where top talent comes to accelerate their ideas and careers, surrounded by a world-class community.

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