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The Beautiful Dying Expo

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Michele Neff Hernandez

Founder, Soaring Spirits International

Roger Moore

Medical Hypnotherapist

Rachel Jonlynn

Founder, End Joys

Elizabeth Coplan

Founder and Chief Playwright, Grief Dialogues

Robert Rivas

General Counsel, Final Exit Network

Claire O'Berry

Co-Founder, Dying Your Way

Gary Wederspahn

Board Member, Final Exit Network

Joe Adamo

Morgan Stanley, Portfolio Management Director

liese groot-alberts

Panelist: EKR Foundation, Director, Liese Groot-Alberts Consulting

Ginny Colarusso

E-RYT 500, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Healer, and Light Worker, Owner of Amp Yoga Studios

Jennifer Turner

Founder, The Life and Death Project

Denise Arand

Executive VP, Five Rings Financial

John Tastad

Coordinator for Spiritual Support Services and ACP, Sharp Healthcare

Verna Fisher

Owner, Integrative Wisdom

Faye Girsh

Founder, Hemlock Society of San Diego

Andrea Matros

BDE Collaborator, Grief Sanctuary

Jennifer Cormier

BDE Collaborator, Grief Sanctuary

Tanya Villanueva Tepper

Advisory Board member Soaring Spirits International, Speaker, Recognized 9/11 family member

Bobby Moss

Sr. Program Manager, Cisco Systems

Hope Fitzgerald

Founder, Wave Energy Center

Ron Hyrchuk

Retired Hospital Chaplain and Grief Counselor

Shekoofeh Sussman

Multi-media Artist, Teacher, Mother, Widow

C Robert Bennett

CPNP-AC, PhD (c) Pediatric Palliative Care Researcher, Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and EOL Doula

Karl Steinberg

MD, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialist, SDCCC

Rachael Klos

M.A, EOL Doula, Conscious Dying Educator

Kerry Mekeel

CEOLD, Soul to Soul Care, Dying Your Way Affiliate

Bonnie Compton

APRN, BC, CPNP, EOL Doula, Child & Adolescent Therapist, Parent Coach, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Joe'l Anthony

Exhibitor, The Grave Woman

Jane Asher

The Next Room Podcast

Kevin Bradley

Final Exit Network

Mark Yunker


Bret Johnson

Author, Heavenland

dannie engwert

Exhibitor, Good Grief Mandalas

Elizabeth Padilla

Exhibitor, Conscious Dying Institute

Heather McGuire

Panelist, Conscious Dying Institute

Monica Gastelum

Exhibitor, Origami Owl

Pat McClendon

Exhibitor, Getting Real About Caring

Ben Janzen

Dr. Theol., Ph.D., APBCC, Chaplain, Bereavement Services Manager for VITAS Healthcare

Yvonne Heath Speaker, Trainer, Nurse, Changemaker

Founder, Love Your Life to Death

David DaCosta

Realtor, President of DaCosta Properties

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Speaker, Social Security Administration

Glenn Panzer

Exhibitor, San Diego Coalition for Compassionate Care

Bob Uslander

Founder of Integrated MD Care

vicky roncero

Founder, Roncero Reiki

Cynthia Frahne

Panelist, EKR Foundation, Argentina Uruguay

Amy Robbins

Clinical Psychologist, Consciousness Expert, Spiritual Intuitive

Valerie Armand

LPN, CEOLD, Exiting Gracefully, Dying Your Way Affiliate

Denise Reed

CEOLD, Tranquil Transitions, Dying Your Way Affiliate

Naomi Fedna

Project Coordinator, Institute for Healthcare Improvement - The Conversation Project

Charly Jaffe

Crisis Counselor, Executive Producer, & Author

Noah Cochran

Co-Founder, COVID Grief Network, Clinical Social Worker

Kimberly Paul

Death by Design Author

Gary Malkin

Founder, Wisdom of the World

Adam Englund

Esq., Law Office of Adam Englund

Joanne Burger (Faith Morgan)

Live Performance of UNTOLD: A Stillbirth Story

Jillian Tullis

Ph.D., Professor at UCSD, Moderator of UNTOLD: A Stillbirth Story

Greg Brisendine

Live Performance of UNTOLD: A Stillbirth Story

Gretchen Douma (Dr. Armstrong)

Live Performance of UNTOLD: A Stillbirth Story

Wilka Roig

MA, MFA, President Fundación Elisabeth Kübler-Ross México Centro

Ken Ross

Founder and President Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation

Rodrigo Luz

Panelist, EKR Foundation; Director of Education (USA) President (Brazil)

Kelley Niemi

Closing Ceremony Keynote Speaker

deanna cochran

RN, EOL Doula Trainer, Founder of Quality of Life Care

Laura Aresca

M.D., Board Member, EFR Argentina Uruguay

Shane Regan (Paul George)

Live Performance of UNTOLD: A Stillbirth Story

Teressa Vaughn

MPT, MHA Advance Care Planning Consultant

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Hosted by

Beautiful Dying Expo

We are a collaboration of heart-centered and compassionate team of community leaders connecting with a worldwide audience illuminating the process of dying and death. We provide innovative ways to create action plans for life, love, celebration, dying, death and grief. It's time to expand awareness and encourage meaningful conversations for our end of this life journey.

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BDE Grief Sanctuary Room

A place to be nurtured, seen and heard

The Next Room

The Next Room with Jane Asher

Roncero Reiki

Find your light and change your story.

Dying Your Way

Preparing your end of life journey.

The Grave Woman

A Spiritual Approach to Dying, Death & Grief

Love Your Life to Death

Prepare for grief BEFORE it arrives and be more empowered, resilient and happy in life and at the end of life.

Origami Owl- Independent Designer

Our mission is to be a Force For Good

Roger Moore DBA Palm Desert Hypnosis

Bringing you state-of-the-art hypnotherapy services

Integrative Wisdom

Healing Practices...Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul

Pat McClendon @ Getting Real About Caring

You work with those at End of Life, Is yours Full of Life?

Grief Dialogues

Grief Dialogues uses theatre to start new conversations about dying, death, and grief


What is your HEAVENLAND?

VITAS Healthcare

Healthcare provider Hospice


Author Marge E. Heegaard

Amp Yoga Studio

Breathe, Stretch & Connect

Hemlock Society of San Diego

Good Life, Good Death

Final Exit Network

Your life, your death, your choice.

Beautiful Dying LLC

Concierge Dying and Death Management Service


Our Vision is a world free from Violence, Abuse and Trauma

Conscious Dying Institute

Start with the End in Mind

San Diego Coalition for Compassionate Care

Promotes Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning through advocacy, education, and outreach.

Oitava Doura

Oitava Doura

Wave Energy Center

Awaken Infinite You

Integrated MD Care

Concierge Geriatric, Palliative and End of Life Care & Counseling

Good Grief

Good Grief