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Cody Simms

SVP, Climate & Sustainability at Techstars

Mona Mirakor

Startup Sourcing Manager, Sustainability at Techstars

Aviran Yaacov

CEO & Co-Founder at Ecoplant

Amir Shiner

CEO at RepAir DAC

Julia Osterman

Head of Business Development at NCX

Kevin Kung

CTO & Founder at Takachar

Julianne Flesher

CEO & Co-Founder at Nossa Data

Adetayo Bamiduro


Erika Randolph

Director of Sustainability at Descartes Labs

Anastasia Volkova

CEO & Co-Founder at Regrow

Julie Rizzo

Founder & CEO at Recycled Granite

Peter Kombouras

CEO of Alkemy Environmental

Rav Balabasqer

CEO & Co-Founder at Prognostic

Bryce Smith

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LevelTen Energy

Grant Canary

CEO at DroneSeed

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda

CEO & Founder at Urchinomics

Alexey Shadrin

CEO at Evercity

Heidi Lim

Director of Product Ecosystem at Twelve

Arka Ray

Managing Director at The Data Economics Company

Justin Lyon

CEO at Simudyne

Laura Rodriguez

Business Development Manager at RatedPower

Allison Dring

CEO & Founder at Made of Air

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Developer of carbon dioxide recycling devices designed to create a climate-positive world and a fossil-free future.


Ecoplant is a cloud-based AI-based SaaS platform that integrates with compressed air processes in industrial plants to increase energy efficiency and reduce factory downtime.


Evercity is a blockchain-based impact measurement & investment platform surrounded by an ecosystem of Industry 4.0 & WEB3 solutions.

Descartes Labs

A geospatial intelligence company that helps organizations benefit from the scientific analysis of observable, physical world events.

Nossa Data

Our service provides an online platform for companies to manage their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data.

LevelTen Energy

Enterprise SaaS marketplace for Power Purchase Agreements


A sustainable Sea Urchin harvesting/bulking company working to provide the seafood industry with top quality urchin roe while rehabilitating lost kelp forests.

Made of Air

Made of Air is a carbon-negative materials company. They take low-value wood waste and transform it into high-value, carbon-negative thermoplastics.


DroneSeed offers full lifecycle services for forestry management by using an efficient, cost-competitive fleet of drones to reduce reliance on manual labor.


Regrow is an independently owned software company catalyzing sustainable transformation across the agrifood supply chain.


Takachar is an MIT spinout company focused on dramatically increasing the amount of crop and forest residues (biomass) economically converted into useful products through our decentralized and customized bioconversion.


NCX is a forest carbon marketplace connecting American landowners with net-zero pioneers.

The Data Economics Company

The Data Economics Company (DECO) is leading the development of the Data Economics science, the Lydion DEOS technology, and the suite of Lydion Solutions and Platforms being developed for and with enterprise and academic partners to apply Data Economics to real-world opportunities and challenges.


Carbon Analytics by Prognostic is a granular carbon tracking, intelligence and offsetting platform for industrial decarbonization.


Simudyne is a simulation technology company that helps institutions generate greater insight and foresight to solve complex problems and make better decisions.

RepAir DAC

At RepAir, our mission is to capture CO₂ from the air at Gigaton scale using our unique, ultra-low-cost solution.

Alkemy Environmental

Alkemy Environmental holds patented technology for recycling industrial waste streams into structural-grade concrete aggregates.

Metro Africa Xpress Inc.

Making Mobility Safe, Affordable, Accessible & Sustainable Through Deployment of High-Performance Technology & Operators

Recycled Granite

As the world's leader in granite recycling...we're dedicated to the promotion of sustainable products. Our goal is to create jobs, reduce waste and make the world a better place.

Rated Power

The leading software to design & optimize utility-scale solar plants. Maximize the potential of PV plants & reduce LCOE.