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SYEA Symposium Day 2021

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Aaron Henley Tai

Managing Director, Grid Pte Ltd

Rayse Yeo

CEO & Co-Founder, MatcHub

Alvin Lim

Chief Strategist, Stratagem Trading Pte Ltd

Lekha Patmanathan

Founder & CEO, nEXERGY Pte Ltd

Ranford Neo

Business Development Director, Diverse Learning

Samantha Ng

Founder & Principal Trainer, Project Jobless

Genah Lim

Founder & Managing Director, Beauty Mums and Babies

Elvin Ting

Co-founder, TRI-Factor / Managing Director, Orange Room

James Yeong

Business Director (Singapore) & Country head (Malaysia), The Activation Group

Kent Lau

Team Leader (Marcom), OSG Youth Alliance / Executive Director, MadAboutDesign Shanghai, Inc

Gene Kwok

Founder & CEO, Damnzai Marketing

Emmanual Tay

Founder & CEO, Gen Infiniti Academy

Juliet Tan

Programme Lead, PMAX@ASME CEO, SMECEN, DashBOD

Colin Phua

Founder & CEO, Captive Media (Shanghai) Ltd & Captive Interactive Pte Ltd

Tan Joo Seng

Associate Professor, Division of Strategy, International Business & Entrepreneurship, NBS, NTU

Bryan Lee

Instructor, Code Gakko

Edwin Tong

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Second Minister for Law

Jesher Loi

Director of Branding & Marketing Development, Ya Kun International

Julaina Jaffar

Executive, Community and Programmes (Entrepreneurship), *SCAPE Co.Ltd

Michelle Ng

Senior Associate, Quest Ventures/ Social Impact Catalyst

Lim Hui Jie

Founder and Executive Director of Vision Group Corporation

Thoo Wee Meng

Head Of Investments, TMT Sector Leonie Hill Capital

Jayren Teo Jian Rong

Moderator, Business Director, JCI Marina (Singapore)

Evan Yah

JCI Discover Trainer, 2021 JCI National Vice President, JCI Singapore

Amelia Ching

Agile n Lite

Mark Teng

Executive Director, That Legal LLC

Amin Yusoff

Co-Founder, CMO Media Lab

CL Loh

CO-Founder, Coconut Lab

Willie Kay

JCI Indonesia National Skills Development Director

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Hosted by

Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award (SYEA), by JCI Marina (Singapore) & PAYM

The Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award (SYEA) is a youth empowerment initiative founded by a team of youth passionate in making an impact in the business world. SYEA aims to honor and empower local youth entrepreneurs who have implemented commercially viable and sustainable changes to their businesses, with stellar results. In line with the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), they will go on to champion sustainable business solutions and best practices in their respective industries. There will also be a series of business programs and seminars to equip young entrepreneurs in Singapore with the knowledge and skill sets to prepare them for the post COVID-19 economy.

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Beauty Mums & Babies

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