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Rachel Miller

Creator of Moolah

Monty Montemagno

Tech Entrepreneur

Omar El-Takrori

Head Videographer & Lead Editor, Think Media

Heather Torres

Chief Marketing Officer & Business Development, Think Media

Sean Cannell

Owner, Think Media and Video Influencers

Dana Bentz

Head of Operations and Customer Success, StreamYard

Dan Briggs

Co-founder, StreamYard

Geige Vandentop

Co-founder, StreamYard

Melanie Dyann Howe

Marketing Coach & Live Video Mentor

Roberto Blake

CEO, Awesome Creators Academy

Liza Donnelly

Writer, Cartoonist, Visual Journalist for The New Yorker, CBS, CNN, NYTimes and TED

Nor'easters A Cappella

Northeastern University's Original Co-ed A Cappella Group

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