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SummerSaaS 2021

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Markus Lang

Partner at Speedinvest

Sandeep Bakshi

Head of Investments (Europe) at Prosus

Max Gurvits

Managing Partner at Vitosha Venture Partners

Julien Coustaury

Managing Partner at FilRouge

Enis Hulli

General Partner at 500 Startups Istanbul

Aurel Pasztor

Partner at PortfoLion Capital Partners

Dmitry Baburin

Partner at BVCP

John Curtius

Partner at Tiger Global

Anton Fedorov

Partner at Flashpoint

Cankut Durgun

Partner at MartiTech

Alex George

VC at Credo

Amanda Floyd

VC investor at InReach

Cem Sertoglu

Partner at Earlybird

Dmitry Smirnov

Investment Director at Flashpoint

Nick McHardy

Head of Funds at Belasko

Olga Kotsur

Founder of Mercaux

Nicolas Vandenberghe

Founder at Chili Piper

Oz Hassin

VC at Flashpoint

Marton Medveczky

Investment Director at Flashpoint

Daniil Kuzovkin

Head of IT at Flashpoint

Gigi Levy Weiss

Managing Director at NFX

Shmulik Shelach


Andre Retterath

Principal at Earlybird

Scott Simpkin

Manager, Campaigns Team at Seedrs

Alex Konoplyasty

General Partner at Flashpoint

Haim Zaltzman

Partner at Latham&Watkins

Inka Mero

Founder & Managing Partner at Voima Ventures

Sakari Pihlava

General Partner at Vendep Capital

George Robson

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Ondrej Bartos

General Partner at Credo Ventures

Eduard Mika

Partner at Rexlex Capital

Aleksi Partanen

General Partner at

Pirkka Palomaki

Partner at

Eva Arh

Venture Capital Investor at 3VC

Alexey Sidorov

Investment Director at Flashpoint

Lotan Levkowitz

General Partner at Grove Ventures

Filip Dames

Entrepreneur and Investor Cherry Ventures

Adam Niewinski

Co-Founder & General Partner @ OTB VC

Maya Pizov

Partner at Amiti Ventures

Lukas Harustiak

Partner at Flashpoint

Dmitrii Kalaev

Head of acceleration at

Michael Szalontay

General Partner at Flashpoint

Chris Horton

Partner at Latham&Watkins

David Stewart

Partner at Latham&Watkins

Donatella Callegaris

Managing Partner at Flashpoint Venture Debt

Ali Demirci

Senior Investment Officer IFC

Mike Turner

Partner at Latham&Watkins

Dillon Yeh

Asante Capital Group

Natalie Refuah

Partner at Viola Growth

Todor Breshkov

Co-founder & Partner @Launchub Ventures

Andris K. Berzins

Managing Partner at Change Ventures

Florian Lettner


Elina Halatcheva

Managing Partner at BrightCap

Marcin Szelag

Partner at Innovation nest

Mark O'Malley

Director at Belasko

Michał Rokosz

Early stage VC at Inovo

Hanan Brand

Managing Partner at Cornerstone

Apostolos Apostolakis

Co founder at

Nir Adler

General Partner at State of Mind Ventures

rudy ruano

investment partner at Western Technology Investment

michal zalesak

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures

Sergey Kolesov

Partner at Impulse VC

Dmitry Galperin

Runa Capital

Emanuel Timor

General Partner at Vertex Venture Capital

Zsolt Weiszbart

Partner at Day One Capital

Limor Ganot

Managing Partner at Geffen Capital

Marcin Kurek

Managing Partner at Market One

Bjorn Tremmerie

Head of Venture Capital and Impact Investing at European Investment Fund (EIF)

Ilja Velickis

VC at Flashpoint

Barnabás Vincze

VC at Flashpoint

Oleg Bibergan

Managing Partner, Kismet Capital Group

Lisya Bahar Manoah

Senior Partner at Catalyst

Tal Slobodkin

Managing Partner at Stage One

Stanislav Ivanov

Partner at Tera

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