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Opening Keynote

Speaker : Billy Bosworth

Keynote with Tomer Shiran, Founder and CPO of Dremio

Speaker : Tomer Shiran


The Forever-Free Lakehouse Platform

What Can Iceberg Do for You?

Speaker : Josh Milstein

Building a BI Solution in the Cloud for a Startup

Speaker : Marius Costin

When E-Commerce Explodes: Douglas GmbH, Data & Dremio

Speaker : Umberto Misso

Scaling Up Apache Airflow to Enterprise Level

Speaker : Martijn Beenker

Get Hands-On with a Dremio Cloud Workshop

Speaker : Ben Hudson

Operational Analytics vs BI: A new world of data

Speaker : Olya Tanner

Managing Data Files In Apache Iceberg

Speaker : Russell Spitzer

Modernizing Finance Data Cloud Infrastructure at Fannie Mae

Speakers : Jeffrey Palmer, Kevin Bates

Powering a Data Mesh with Dynamic GraphQL Schema Generation

Speakers : Matt Topol, Stephen Perkins

dbt Alerting for Real-Time Data Teams

Speakers : Iman Kalyan Majumdar, Craig Wilson

Unsolved Challenges in Data Infrastructure

Speaker : Ryan Blue

Headless BI Meets Data Source Managers

Speakers : Martin Svadlenka, Jacek Soubusta

An Open Data Architecture in Action with Apache Iceberg

Speaker : Brock Griffey

Mercedes Benz R&D – The Best or Nothing Data Platform

Speakers : Tyler Axdorff, Rodrigo Nunes

Arrow FlightSQL: A 20x Faster Alternative to JDBC and ODBC

Speaker : James Duong

Real-Time Hybrid Cloud Data Streaming

Speaker : Philip Portnoy

The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

Speaker : Maxime Beauchamp

Why Your ETL Should be Open-Source

Speaker : Abhi Vaidyanatha

Tuning Row-Level Operations in Apache Iceberg

Speaker : Anton Okolnychyi

Beyond Linear Notebooks: Implementing Reactivity w/ IPython

Speaker : Caitlin Colgrove

Lessons Learned Making Open Table Formats Enterprise-Ready

Speaker : James Malone

What's the Big Deal about Data Observability?

Speaker : Tristan Spaulding

From DBA & Open Source Contributor to CTO & Co-Founder

Speaker : Juan Pan


Speaker : Andy Pernsteiner

1 Stone, 3 Birds: Finer-Grained Encryption @ Apache Parquet

Speakers : Xinli Shang, Mohammad Islam

Achieve Proactive Data Observability for your Lakehouse

Speakers : Ryan Yackel, Josh Benamram

Apache Arrow: Open Source Standard, an Enterprise Necessity

Speaker : Wes McKinney

Auditing Your Data

Speaker : Simona Meriam

Building a Historical Financial Data Lake at Bloomberg

Speaker : Sam Pringle

Cross-Platform Data Lineage with OpenLineage

Speaker : Michael Collado

Data Quality in a Manufacturing Company

Speaker : Borut Hafner

Do We Still Need People to Write Database Systems?

Andy - Andy Pavlo

Dremio & Tableau Build Best-in-Class Enterprise Analytics

Speaker : Anthony Roach

How HyreCar Maximizes the Power of Self-Serve Analytics

Speaker : Linda Liu

How to Build an IoT Data Lake

Speakers : Chris Furlong, Tim Doernemann

Leveraging DataOps to Build India’s National Data Platform

Speaker : Prukalpa Sankar

Predicting TV Tune-In Using PySpark, MLlib & Delta Lakehouse

Speakers : Bitanshu Das, Rohit Srivastava

Reverse ETL: The Last Mile in Operationalizing the Data Lake

Speaker : Boris Jabes

Streaming from Iceberg Data Lake

Speaker : Steven Wu

Super App Introduction

Speaker : Sauvik Banerjjee

The Age of Big Data is Over. Enter Data Activation

Speakers : Pedram Navid, Rachel Bradley-Haas

The Write-Audit-Publish Pattern via Apache Iceberg

Speaker : Sam Redai

Tracking & Triggering Pattern with Spark Stateful Streaming

Speaker : Andrei Ionescu

Boost Java and Dremio's Performance with Intel AVX-512

Speaker : Ginger Gilsdorf

Build Analytics Apps on Lakes and Streams with Apache Druid

Speaker : Carl Dubler

Build Data Lake Pipelines at Scale – Using only SQL

Speaker : Ori Rafael

Amazon S3 and the Future of Data Lake Storage

Speakers : Paul Meighan, Mark Lyons

How the Lakehouse Evolved & Why It’s the Future of Analytics

Speaker : Bill Inmon

Women in Data Panel

Speakers : Pratima Rao Gluckman, Misra Turp, Samantha Kleinberg, Juan Pan, Deepa Sankar

Reclaiming Your Focus and Avoiding Burnout

Speaker : Cal Newport

Founder’s Panel

Speakers : Tomer Shiran, Tristan Handy, Maxime Beauchemin, Ryan Blue

Predicting TV Tune-In Using PySpark, MLlib & Delta Lakehouse

Speakers : Rohit Srivastava, Bitanshu Das

Do We Still Need People to Write Database Systems?

Speaker : Andy Pavlo

Build Analytics Apps on Lakes and Streams with Apache Druid

Speaker : Carl Dubler

Apache Arrow: Open Source Standard, an Enterprise Necessity

Speaker : Wes McKinney

Generate More Value from Data: How Microsoft Is Powering the Next Generation of Insights

Speakers : Jurgen Willis, Arun Ulagaratchagan

Amazon Web Services

Better Together: Dremio + AWS

Microsoft Azure

Azure. Invent with Purpose


Multidimensional Data Observability


Commoditizing Data Integration


Welcome to Operational Analytics. Change the way you work with data.

Dremio Recruiting

Dremio Career Opportunities Booth


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