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Guillermo Rauch

CEO, Vercel

Scott Gentz

Director - Technology Strategic Platforms, AT&T

Sarah Sweat

Senior Software Engineer, The New York Times

Kusum Kanwar

Senior Product Lead, Shopify

Andy Fitzgerald

Information Architecture & Content Strategy Consultant, Freelance

Gillian Zamora

Director of Product Management, Morning Brew

Dirk Voetberg

Lead, CS Content, Spotify

Colleen Jones

Founder and President, Content Science

Maggie Appleton

Design lead, HASH

Samira Virani

Associate Director, Technology Strategic Platform, AT&T

Michael Sippey

Chief Product Officer, Outside

Jesiah McCann

Engineering Director, and Product Manager

Jon Wheeler

Senior Product Marketing Engineer, InVision

Mitchell Posk

Software Engineer, Restaurant Brands International

Jess Sand

Digital Experience Strategist,

Magnus Hillestad

CEO, Sanity

Simen Skogsrud (

Co-founder & CTO , Sanity

Val Swisher

Founder and CEO, Content Rules, Inc.

Hidde de Vries

Developer Relations Specialist, Sanity

Lauren (Lo) Etheridge | she/they (

Developer Relations Specialist, DEI, Sanity

Martin Jacobsen (

Technical Writer, Developer Relations, Sanity

Rita Dias (

Front-end Developer, Sanity

Ritwik Dey

Head of Product Design, Sanity

Simeon Griggs

Solution Engineer, Sanity

Carolina Gonzalez (

Solution Engineer, Sanity

Sukh Sidhu

Head of Agency Partnerships, Sanity

Carrie Hane

Head of Content Strategy Relations, Sanity

Rune Botten (

Principal Solution Engineer, Sanity

Katrina Lindholm

SVP Design, Hologram

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