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Dr. Maina Muniafu

Researcher in Sustainable Resource Utilisation and Conservation

Lex Amore

Communications Director, Biomimicry Institute

Éimear Stephenson

Conservation Postgraduate and Head of Science Communication at Youth STEM Matters

Prof Helen Etchanchu

Co-director Communication and Organizing for Sustainability Transformations Chair

Dimple Amitha Garuadapuri

Research Conference Organiser

Ayesha Tandon

Climate Science Journalist at Carbon Brief

Angela Busheska

Founder of EnRoute & Engineering Student

Mhairi McCann

Youth STEM 2030 Founder & CEO

Rania Hashim

Biotech Innovator and High School Student

Tatenda Dalu

Lecturer of Water Management, University of Mpumalanga

Zainab Khan

High School Student & Research Conference Organiser

Hafiz Usman Ghani

Guest Researcher at Technical University of Denmark

Tiffany Gao

Sustainability Advocate and High School Student

Meigan Diaz

Master's in Public Policy Candidate - NUS / Sustainable Development Advocate

Jacqueline Prawira

Student Researcher and Developer of Sustainable Materials

Kimberly Anindo

Environmentalist, Criminal Justice Undergraduate and Research Conference Organiser

Aminta Permpoonwiwat

Sustainability Advocate, High School Student and Research Conference Organiser

Rameesha Khursheed


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Youth STEM 2030

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Investigating the Perceptions of Food Retail Companies on Sustainability | Tiffany Gao

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