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Startupnight 2020

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Our partners & investors


Mona Meyer zu Kniendorf

Projektmanagerin Innovation EEN, Berlin Partner

Robin Bruck

Projektmanager Innovation EEN, Berlin Partner

David Kremers

Projektmanager Talent, Berlin Partner

Alexander Kölpin

Managing Director, Seed + Speed Ventures

Nate Sztrum

Investment Principal, Deutsche Telekom VC

Alexandra Grafwallner

Project Manager Funding & Financing, Berlin Partner

Marcin Kordas

CTO of Telekom4Developers

Alexander Baxmann

Head of Recruitment & Management Analysis, Selaestus

Rayk Reitenbach

Venture Capital - Made in Berlin

Björn Wolff

Founder & CEO mymoria

Artsiom Zhavarankau

Key Account Manager for ICT, IBB

Christian Wolf

Senior Project Manager for Funding & Financing, Berlin Partner

Jasper Schlump


Mali M Baum

CEO and Founder WLOUNGE and MAGDA GROUP Fund

Thomas Schindler


Nick de la Forge

Planet A VC

Lena Gehlhaar

VR/AR Innovation Manager @economic dev agency of Berlin

Fax Quintus

Design Driven Virtual Reality Pioneer And Entrepreneur

Mihai Streza

CEO of wondder - technology serial entrepreneur on a mission to empower people with Virtual Reality

Roman Duzhyk


Louis Heinz

Investment Manager @ HTGF

Sandra Thumm

Networking and Marketing Manager

Norbert Herrmann

Public Administration-Startup-Interface

Zoe Peden

VC @Ananda Impact Ventures

Raphael Kube

Head of Consultancy Department @IBB

Johannes von Borries

MP UVC Partners

Sebastian Stricker

CEO and Co-Founder of share

Ferdi van Heerden

Co-founder ReDI School

Mario Paladini

Global Biz Tech Entrepreneur Co-Founder & CEO: @AiReloMe @ClubGLOBALS @eRotaryGlobal

Leonard Boltz

Investment Analyst

Robin Westermann

Senior Startup-Partner Manager, TechBoost

christoph raethke

Dr. Dieter Kramps

Founder cobago GmbH

Jesse Hartinger

Managing Director BACB

Fabian Wiktor


Juliane Hahn

Founding Partner - Signature Ventures

Orla Browne

Head of Content @ Dealroom

Tobias Dochow


Jonas Schorr


Kilian Depuhl

Digital Consultant @RCKT, Berlin

Axel Menneking


Philippe Souidi


Sabrina Konzok


Marcel van der Heijden

Lead Partner Deep Tech at Speedinvest

Nico Kramp


Jan Jaap


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Startupnight is one of Europe’s largest startup events, where startups present themselves to corporates, investors and potential customers. Startupnight offers you a great opportunity to get valuable information, meet interesting and experienced people from around the world, meet investors and corporates and to expand your network. Startupnight is an initiative of Deutsche Telekom AG with hubraum, Investitionsbank Berlin and Berlin Partner.

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