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Candice Ammori

Founder, The Climate Vine

Mona Alsubaei

USV Climate Fund, Investment Team

Carlos Araque

Quaise Energy, Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Sacca

Lowercarbon Capital, Managing Partner

Cody Simms

MCJ Collective, Partner

Connie Loizos

TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Editor and StrictlyVC, Founder

David Helgason

Transition Labs, Climate Investor

Dawn Lippert

Elemental Excelerator, Founder and CEO

Frederick Teo

GenZero, CEO

Grace Fu

Singapore, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment,

Jason Jacobs

MCJ Collective, Partner

Jigar Shah

US Department of Energy, Director, Loan Programs Office

John Diener

Vertical Oceans, Co-Founder

Shayle Kann

Energy Impact Partners, Partner

Kim Zou

CTVC, Co-Founder

Michael Peither

VoltStorage, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Miranda Wang

Novoloop, Co-Founder and CEO

Neal Stephenson

Author, "Termination Shock"

Dr. Raffael Jovine

Brilliant Planet, Founder and Chief Scientist

Rajesh Swaminathan

Khosla Ventures, Partner

Sarah Sclarsic

Voyager, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Tim DeChant

TechCrunch+, Senior Climate Reporter

Tulika Raj

SunGreenH2, Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang

MIT, Professor, Co-founder, Form Energy & Desktop Metal

Christoph Gebald

Climeworks, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Dr. David Kirtley

Helion Energy, Founder and CEO

Kathy Hannun

Dandelion Energy, Co-Founder and President

Matias Viel

Beeflow, Founder and CEO

Michael Selden

Finless Foods, Co-Founder and CEO

Etosha Cave

Twelve, Co-Founder and CSO

Sarah Hunter

X (Formerly Google X), Director of Global Public Policy

Daria Saharova

World Fund, General Partner

Dr. Jesse Jenkins

Princeton University, Assistant Professor and Macro-scale Energy Systems Engineer

Matias Muchnick

NotCo, Founder and CEO

Po Bronson

SOSV General Partner and IndieBio SF Managing Director

Ben Joffe

SOSV, Partner

Sean O'Sullivan

SOSV, Managing General Partner and Founder

Jason Pontin

DCVC, Partner

David Rowan

Voyagers, Founder

Duncan Turner

SOSV General Partner and HAX Managing Director

Dr. Pae Wu

SOSV General Partner, IndieBio CTO

Jonathan Shieber

FootPrint Coalition, Editor and Venture Partner

Vijay Vaitheeswaran

The Economist, Global Energy and Climate Editor

Amanda Little

Columnist for Bloomberg and Professor of journalism and science writing at Vanderbilt University

Catherine Shu

TechCrunch, Senior Reporter

Yishan Wong

Terraformation Inc., CEO

Arturo Elizondo

The Every Company, Founder and CEO

Susan Schofer

HAX, Partner & Chief Science Officer

Casey Crownhart

MIT Technology Review, Climate and Energy Reporter

Allison Kopf

IUNU, Chief Growth Officer

Danny Crichton

Lux Capital, Head of Editorial

Patrick O'Riordan

AB InBev, Global Head of BioBrew

Joe Luttwak

Lingrove, CEO

Alex Wilhelm

TechCrunch, Editor in Chief

Alex Kopelyan

SOSV, Senior Director & Partner - IndieBio

Josh Silverman

Aromyx Corporation, CEO

Robin Millican

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), Director, U.S. Policy and Advocacy

Toni Wendt

Traitomic - Carlsberg Group, Head of Technology Development and Operations

Doug Bernauer

Radiant, CEO

Lily Wachter

Biomason, CFO

Larissa Zimberoff

Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley's Mission to Change What We Eat, Author

Viraj Puri

Gotham Greens, Co-Founder and CEO

Sophie Purdom

CTVC, Co-Founder and Climate Tech Investor

Carl-Erik Lagercrantz

Vargas Holding, CEO

Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

Innovation Endeavors, Partner

Danny Cunningham

Associate Director for Technology to Market

Zachary Bogue

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at DCVC

Allegra kowalewski-ferreira

Partner at Breakthrough Energy

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SOSV is a global, multi-stage venture firm that specializes in deep tech for human and planetary health. We invest starting at pre-seed in startups that join our IndieBio (human and planetary health), HAX (hard tech), and Orbit Startups (emerging markets) development programs. SOSV has $1.5 billion in assets under management. Pitchbook rated SOSV the #1 climate tech investor 2019-2021, and SOSV publishes an annual SOSV Climate Tech 100 list of its top climate companies, which currently have an aggregate value of $11.69 billion and have raised $3.8 billion.

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