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Sean O'Sullivan

Managing General Partner, SOSV

Suzanne Fletcher

General Partner, Prime Movers Labs

Uma Valeti

CEO & Founder, Upside Foods

Dr. Kiersten Stead

Managing Partner, DCVC

Jonathan Shieber

Editor, Footprint Coalition

Dr. Emily Reichert

Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs

Katie Rae

CEO and Managing Partner, The Engine

Chen Qiufan

Sci-fi author, The Waste Tide

Arvind Gupta

Partner, Mayfield Fund

Gwen Cheni

Partner, SOSV IndieBio

David Tze

CEO, NovoNutrients

Dr. Clea Kolster

Director of Science, Lowercarbon Capital

Audun Abelsnes

Managing Director, Techstars Energy

Dr. Inja Radman

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, New Culture

Josh Santos

Co-Founder and CEO, Noya

Dr. Rajesh Mehta

Program Director, SBIR/STTR at National Science Foundation

Tony Fadell

Principal at Future Shape

Dr. Jennifer Gerbi

Acting Director & Deputy Director for Technology, ARPA-E

Gabriel Kra

Managing Director, Prelude Ventures

Duncan Turner

General Partner, SOSV & Managing Director, HAX

Po Bronson

General Partner, SOSV & Managing Director, IndieBio

Nina Heir

CEO, Katapult Accelerator

Dr. Francesco Matteucci

EIC Programme Manager

Azeem Azhar

Author, Exponential

David Rowan

Founder, Voyagers

Ira Ehrenpreis

Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Zack Bogue

Managing Partner, DCVC

Jason Pontin

Partner, DCVC

Mateo Jaramillo

CEO & Co-Founder, Form Energy

Danny Crichton

Managing Editor, TechCrunch

Leah Ellis

CEO & Co-Founder, Sublime Systems

Larissa Zimberoff

Investigative Reporter

Amy Harder

Executive Editor, Cipher by Breakthrough Energy

Vinod Khosla

Founder, Khosla Ventures

Dr. Lisa Dyson

CEO, Air Protein

Sandhya Sriram, PhD

CEO and Founder, Shiok Meats

Jeff Johnson

Managing Director, Temasek

Matt Peterson

Director of The Climate Pledge Fund, Amazon

Darrell Etherington

News Editor, TechCrunch

Pae Wu

Partner, SOSV & CTO, IndieBio

Benjamin Joffe

Partner, SOSV

Karsten Temme

CEO & Co-Founder, Pivot Bio, Inc.

Scott Jacobs

CEO & Co-Founder, Generate

Bill Gates

Founder, Breakthrough Energy

Sophie Purdom

Co-founder Climate Tech VC, early stage investor

Kevin Samy

Growth Strategy & Sustainability, R-Zero Systems

Jason Thompson

CFO, Redwood Materials

Connie Loizos

Silicon Valley Editor, TechCrunch

Bill Gross

CEO of Heliogen and Idealab

Tadeu Carneiro

Chairman and CEO, Boston Metal

Kevin Martin

Co-founder & CTO, unspun

Jason Jacobs

Host, My Climate Journey

Alex Greenhalgh

CEO and Co-Founder, Spintex

Jennifer Holmgren

CEO, LanzaTech

Julie Wolf

CSO and Communications Director, SOSV IndieBio NY

Ji Ke

Partner and Program Director, SOSV HAX

Garrett Winther

Partner at SOSV HAX

Alex Kopelyan

Senior Director and Partner, SOSV IndieBio

Veronica Vaccari

Policy Officer, European Commission

Shaun Abrahamson

Managing Partner, Urban Us

Benny Kim

Executive Assistant to Dawn Lippert, CEO of Elemental Excelerator

Mitch Rubin

Director of Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

Rajesh Swaminathan

Partner, Khosla Ventures

Cait Brumme

Senior Vice President, MassChallenge Early Stage at MassChallenge

Michael Kearney

Principal, The Engine

Faith Kelnhofer

Executive Communications Manager, Greentown Labs

James Zahler

Associate Director for Technology-to-Market, ARPA-E

Shayle Kann

Partner, Energy Impact Partners

Kim Zou

Investor, Energy Impact Partners

Jason Prince

Co-Founder and Electricity Lead, Third Derivative

Sam Crum

Membership Growth Coordinator, Greentown Labs

Jørn Haanæs

Investment Director and Partner, Katapult

Ilan Gur

Founder and CEO, Activate

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SOSV is a global, multi-stage venture firm that specializes in deep tech for human and planetary health. We invest starting at pre-seed in startups that join our IndieBio (human and planetary health), HAX (hard tech), and Orbit Startups (emerging markets) development programs. SOSV has $1.5 billion in assets under management. Pitchbook rated SOSV the #1 climate tech investor 2019-2021, and SOSV publishes an annual SOSV Climate Tech 100 list of its top climate companies, which currently have an aggregate value of $11.69 billion and have raised $3.8 billion.

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Join the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by the Musk Foundation

NALA Systems

The world needs alternative reverse osmosis membranes to drive down energy costs in industrial processes.

Afforesting the World's Deserts

Vertical Oceans

Vertical Oceans

Aja Labs

Superhuman Hair Engineered from Plants





Because, Animals

The only company in the world making cultured meat for cats and dogs


Khepra, Inc.

The first user-friendly HVAC monitoring platform that optimizes maintenance and service experience for homeowners and service providers

Capra Biosciences

Capra Biosciences

Electro-Active Technologies Inc

Electro-Active Technologies Inc



Nyoka Design Labs

Nyoka Design Labs

Voyage Foods

Decoupling food from its source material by reimagining the potential of nature

New Age Meats

New Age Meats

California Cultured

California Cultured

Prime Roots

Prime Roots


Green Hydrogen Electrolysis

Lingrove Inc.

Sustainable, carbon negative structures made from plants.


We grow rice in the oceans.

ClearFlame Engine Technologies

Clearing the Path to Sustainability for Diesel-Dominated Industries

Pekosoft LLC

Smart Cameras for Water Monitoring and Risk Assesment

Jet-Set Offset

The simple, trusted solution for climate-positive travel.

Rebel Research

Putting out wildfires with shock waves

Two Bears Environmental Consulting LLC

We do climate impact science for people.

Benchmark Labs, Inc.

Benchmark Labs, Inc.

EcoClosure LLC

Decarbonating Biochromic Window


Forecasting your weather and climate risk from tomorrow through the year 2080


The Future Looks Better With Sustainable Ingredients

Muon Vision

Muon Vision

SeebeckCell Technologies

Harnessing Waste Heat


Scalable, safe, high-performance solid-state electric vehicle batteries.

FreightFlows, Inc.

Decarbonize transportation with predictive analytics

Persist Energy

Intelligent Electric Mobility for Developing Nations

Hearth Labs

Hearth Labs



Multus Biotechnology Ltd

Multus Biotechnology Ltd


Sustainable subscription e-scooters


Economically viable, sustainable, and safer alternatives to synthetic agrochemicals

Avisa Myko Inc

World's first and only commercial scale Natural Melanin technology for Sunscreen , Radiation Protection , Energy storage, Bio-electronics and Pharmaceuticals applications


Next Gen Meat Combining Power of Two Worlds: Plant Based Proteins and Fermentation

Pulse Industrial

Pulse Industrial


The Sustainable Solution to Industrial Chemical Separation


The 'fitness tracker' for HVAC systems

Nature Preserve

To enable a transparent and sustainable food system


SunGreenH2 - World's Highest Performance Electrolyser Technology for Low Cost Green Hydrogen


Alternative fat to elevate alternative protein



Carbix Corporation

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)

Sundial Foods, Inc.

Sundial Foods, Inc.

Livin Farms

Livin Farms



Clarity Movement Co.

Empowering the world to reduce air pollution

Green Li-ion

Green Li-ion




Smart, Sustainable UV-C disinfection






Creating a Positive Financial and Climate Effect for the Indoor Growing Industry




Making renewables available 24/7 with sustainable battery solutions

Hyasynth Bio

The Next Generation of Cannabinoid Production

Joywell Foods

Sweet Plant Proteins


Robotics for a greener tomorrow. Creating sustainable, innovative, tech-driven solutions to persistent environmental problems.

New Wave Foods

New Wave Foods

Agora Energy Technologies

Repurposing CO₂ for a New Generation of Power Sources

TeraWatt Technology

Ultra-high energy density rechargeable batteries that work at scale


More Powerful, Lower Cost Solar

Godwit Key Company

Using data to empower governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals to fight biodiversity loss.

Rapid Radicals Technology, LLC

Decentralized, high-rate wastewater treatment technology

Chi Botanic

Chi Botanic

Chemetry Corporation

Redefining How Chemicals are Made


Low CO2 Cement Inspired by Nature

Kraken Sense

Kraken Sense Limited focuses on the development and deployment of real-time, autonomous pathogen & food quality sensing technology


We just raised our round and now, we're hiring!

TS Conductor Corp

Sustainability and GHG Reduction

Kontak Hydrogen Storage

Kontak Hydrogen Storage

COI Energy

COI Energy

Sensytec Inc

Sensytec Inc

Graviky Labs Inc.

Graviky Labs Inc.



Harmony Baby Nutrition

Harmony Baby Nutrition





Unicorn Biotechnologies

Unicorn Biotechnologies

Viaex Technologies

Viaex Technologies



Drought Diet Products

Drought Diet Products

LifeLabs Design

LifeLabs Design

Bucha Bio

Bucha Bio