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Tom Sweeney

Global Vice President, Influencer, Brainlabs

Harri Brown

Director And Chief Operations Officer, Antler Social

Vic Banham

CEO & Director, Antler Social | TikTok Ad Awards Jury Member

Sam Gillies

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer, Nonsensical - The TikTok Agency

Pollyanna Ward

Strategy & Planning Director, Flight Story

Alexander Morad

Owner & Founder, Bright Mind Agency | TikTok Ad Awards Jury Member

Mirella Crespi

Founder, Creative Milkshake

Niki Axioti

Marketing Manager, Clip News

Thanasis Giamaios

Digital Marketing & Content Specialist, ICAP CRIF

Dimitris Kalaitzis

Head Of Marketing, Instacar

Kostas Kampakis

Digital & ECommerce Acceleration Manager, DELTA Foods S.A.

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