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Smart Contract Summit #0

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Rory Piant

Director of Community, SmartContract Building Chainlink

Jesse Johnson

Co-Founder, Aavegotchi

Melanie Mohr

Founder & CEO, WOM Protocol

Andrey Belyakov

Founder, Opium

Anton Bukov

CO-FOUNDER and CTO, 1inch

Aleksander Larsen

COO / Co -Founder, Axie Infinity

Alex Russman

Head of Developer Partnerships, Enjin

DeFi Dad

Super-user, Educator, and Investor, DeFi Tutorials with DeFi Dad and The Ethereal Summit

Hendrik Hofstadt

CEO, Certus One

Vlad Kartashov

CEO, War Riders

Justin Wu

Co-Founder, BetProtocol

Tegan Kline

BD and GRT Relations, The Graph

Kyle Kistner

Co-Founder, bZx

Rey Fernando (费天乐) Verboonen

Co-Founder & CEO, Curioinvest

Peter Eulberg

Co-Founder & CEO, Anyblock Analytics GmbH

Steve Cerveny

Founder & CEO, Kaleido

Yann Barbarroux

CEO, Flyion

John Wolpert

Group Executive, ConsenSys

Alex Mashinsky

CEO, Celsius Network

Fernando Martinelli

CEO & Co-Founder, Balancer Labs OU

Brandon Iles

Co-Founder & CTO, Ampleforth

Ed Felten

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Offchain Labs

Aaron Wright

Co-Founder, OpenLaw / Professor, Cardozo Law School

Jonas Hals

Co-Founder, Fiews

Camila Russo

Founder, The Defiant

Hugh Karp

Founder, Nexus Mutual

Oliver Birch

Business Development, Chainlink

Adelyn Zhou

CMO and Head of Marketing, Chainlink

Hilmar Orth

Legendary Member, Gelato Network

Siddhartha Jha

CEO, Arbol Inc.

Will Harborne

CEO, DeversiFi

Nick White

Co-Founder, Harmony

Andreas Dittrich

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Mick de Graaf

Lead Smart Contracts, PieDAO

Ryan Berkun

Founder & CEO, Teller

Asaf Shachaf

Head of Product, Bancor

Nodar Janashia


Deniz Omer

Head of Ecosystem Growth, Kyber Network

Ambre Soubiran

CEO, Kaiko

Vance Spencer

CEO, Framework Ventures

Julian Rodriguez

Product Owner, RSK

David Nage

Founder, Base Layer

Jonny Huxtable

Co-Founder & CEO, LinkPool

Michael Anderson

Co-Founder, Framework Ventures

Ari Juels

Technical Advisor, Chainlink

Mounir Benchemled

Founder & CEO, Paraswap

Anthony Sassano

Product Marketing Manager at Set, Set Protocol and EthHub

Sergey Nazarov

Co-Founder, Chainlink

Gabriel Kurman

Master Ambassador, IOVlabs

Justin J Moses

CTO, Synthetix

Samyak Jain

Co-Founder, InstaDapp

David Lei

CEO, The Force Protocol

Jonjon Clark

Co-Founder, Wildcards

Patrick Collins

Developer Advocate, Alpha Chain

Shawn Douglass

CEO, Amberdata

Jean Miao

Co-Founder, MCDEX

Kevin Davis

Lead Engineer, Kava Labs

Emin Sirer

CEO & Founder, AVA Labs, Inc.

Craig Russo

Building Polyient Games

Mischa Tuffield

CTO, Monolith



Eric Chen

Co-Founder & CEO, Injective Protocol

Kain Warwick

Founder, Synthetix

Antonio Juliano

Founder, dYdX

Abel Tedros

Abel's Abstracts Podcast

Ryan Adams

Creator, Bankless

Greg Keough

Co-Founder & CEO, DMM

Steven Waterhouse

CEO and Co-Founder, Orchid

Will Martino

Co-Founder and CEO, Kadena

Patrick McNab

Co-Founder, Chainlink Oracle Reptuation

Harriet Cao

Co-Founder, IRISnet - Interchain Service Hub for NextGen DApps

Yifan He

Founder and CEO, Red Date Tech

Savvas Lazopoulos

CEO & Founder, BlockPegnio

Fan Long

Founder, Conflux Network

Peter van Mourik

Node Operator and Node Operator Manager, Chainlink and ChainLayer

Spencer Dinwiddie

Entrepreneur Eonxi Studio, NBA Athlete

Illia Polosukhin

Co-Founder, NEAR

Priyanka Desai

Head of BD, Open Law / The LAO

Daniel Kochis

Head of Business Development, Chainlink

Christoph Mussenbrock

Co-Founder, Etherisc

Aditya Palepu

Co-Founder & CEO, DerivaDEX

Andrew Thurman

Chainlink Labs

Raymond Mogg

Software Engineer, Secure Data Links

Eden Dhaliwal

Global Managing Director, Conflux Network

William Foxley

Tech Reporter, CoinDesk

Zack Seward

Managing Editor, CoinDesk

Cooper Turley

Editor, DeFi Rate

Corey Caplan

CT, Dolomite / DeFi Money Market (DMM)

Nathaniel Whittemore

Founder, NLW

Yaniv Tal

Co-Founder, The Graph

Hudson Jameson

Developer Liaison, Ethereum Foundation

Clayton Lowery

Senior Consultant, Blockchain, Armanino LLP

Dan Gunsberg

CEO & Co-Founder, HXRO

hao CHI


Guillaume Ballet

Core Developer, Ethereum Foundation

Fernando Ribeiro

Principal Solution Architect, Oracle

Dawn Song

Founder and CEO, Oasis Labs

Noah Buxton

Digital Assets Practice Leader, Armanino

Eric Conner

Product Gnosis / Co-Founder EthHub

Loong Wang


Daniel Lv

COO, Nervos Network

Yenwen Feng

Co-Founder, Perpetual Protocol

Ash Bennington

Crypto Editor, Real Vision

Zubin Koticha

CEO & Co-Founder, Opyn

Sandeep Nailwal

COO, Matic Network

James Qu


Mona El Isa

Founder, Avantgarde Finance

Yorke Rhodes

Co-Founder, Microsoft

Roman Storm

Founder, Tornado Cash

Mike Purvis Ⓝ

Developer, NEAR Protocol

Antonio Senatore

Global Blockchain CTO, Deloitte

Brad Kam

Co-Founder and CRO, Unstoppable Domains

Scott Lewis

Co-Founder, DeFi Pulse

Diwaker Gupta

Head of Engineering, Blockstack

Rafael Cosman

CEO & Co-Founder, TrustToken

Max Engelen

Head of Business Development, CryptoCompare

Andre Cronje

Gilles Fedak

Founder & CEO, iExec

Fernando Rubal

Developer, Qubistry

Manuel Gvirtz

Product Manager, RCN

Juan Charovsky

Head of Communications, RCN

Nicolás Menendez

Tech Lead, RCN

Josh Ford Ⓝ

Software Developer, NEAR

danny ryan

Eth Foundation

Oussama El-Hilali

Co-Founder & Board Member, DeFiner

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO, Aave

Dean Tribble

CEO & Co-Founder, Agoric

Sophia Lopez

Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Kaleido

Jun Li

Founder, Ontology

Anaïs Urlichs Ⓝ

Developer Happiness Advocate, NEAR Protocol

Gleb Dudka

Gleb Dudka, Web3 Infrastructure PO at T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom)

Andrew Paulicek

Node Operator, LinkForest

Leopold Schabel


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Chainlink Labs

Furthering the research and development of Chainlink


The Money Market Protocol.


A liquidity derivatives protocol.


A financial primitive for shorting and lending.

Kyber Network

Kyber Network is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.


dYdX is building open, secure, and powerful financial products accessible globally. Trade Spot, Margin, and Perpetual Markets, with up to 10× leverage, while maintaining full control of your assets.

OpenLaw / The LAO

Building out the legal operating system for blockchain, one step at a time... starting with a venture capital in the sky.