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Petra Angeli

Vice President, Products, Acolad Group

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

Chi-Wei Chang

Head of Localization, Asana

Anna Wyndham

Senior Analyst, Slator

Mark Howorth

President, Iyuno - SDI Group

Deepan Patel

Senior Solution Architect at Memsource

Marco Trombetti

Co-Founder & CEO, Translated, Pi Campus

Florian Faes

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Slator

Monica Foresi

Director, Global Localization Quality, Expedia Group

Giulia Tarditi

Manager, Global Experience, Qualtrics

Melisa Sukman Epand

Director of Social Strategy & Localization, Payoneer

Bruno Herrmann

Executive Consultant, Strategic Advisor in Digital Globalization and Localization

Rebecca Jonsson

Chief Product Officer, Tarjama

Sahar Salama

Chief Customer Excellence Officer, Tarjama

Andrew Aherne

Vice President Distribution Operations at The Walt Disney Company

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