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David Granjon

Senior Expert Data Science at Novartis

Samantha Toet


Damian Rodziewicz

President at Appsilon

Filip Stachura

CEO at Appsilon

Anna Skrzydło

Senior Project Manager at Appsilon

Marcin Dubel

R-Shiny Senior Software Engineer at Appsilon

Pedro Silva

Staff Engineer | Data Science Consultant at Appsilon

Jacqueline Nolis

Chief Product Officer at Saturn Cloud

Eric Nantz

The R Podcast, R-Weekly

Maya Gans

Data Visualization Engineer at Atorus Research

Marek Rogala

CTO at Appsilon

Barret Schloerke

Shiny Developer at RStudio

Michael C. Rubin

Co-Founder / R&D at ODAPES

Winston Chang

Software Developer at RStudio

Joe Cheng

CTO at RStudio, creator of the Shiny web framework

Emily Robinson

Ph.D. Candidate | Statistical Consultant, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Bryce Chamberlain

Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting

Matthew A. DeLoia


Grzegorz Smoliński

Mladen Cucak

Postdoctoral Researcher at Penn State University

Aaron Clark

Senior Data Scientist at Biogen

Ishan Saran

Postgraduate Researcher at Yale University School of Medicine

Jonas Hagenberg

PhD Student at Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

Maria Grycuk

Senior Project Manager/ Program Manager at Appsilon

Agustin Perez Santangelo

R-Shiny Developer at Appsilon

Michael Thomas

Chief Data Scientist, Ketchbrook Analytics

Kamil Żyła

Full Stack Engineer at Appsilon

Jakub Nowicki

Senior Software Engineer at Appsilon

Tanya Cashorali

Founder and CEO TCB Analytics

Dean Attali

Founder @ AttaliTech Ltd

Krystian Igras

Scientific Software Engineer / R & Shiny Developer at 7N

John Coene

Software Engineer at Opifex

Oleksandr Ponomarov

Infrastructure Engineer at Appsilon

Bilikisu Wunmi Aderinto

Founder & Co-Organizer R-Ladies Abuja

Priyanka Gagneja

Data Scientist/ Freelance Analytics Professional, Alum Applied Economics at Boston College

Lucy Njoki Njuki

MSc Statistics and Data Science (Biostatistics) Student| R-Ladies Nairobi Co-organiser

Shel Kariuki

Data Analytics Consultant Co-organizer: #NairobiR, R-Ladies Nairobi

Filip Akkad

Software Engineer at Appsilon

Damon Hansen

Advanced Analytics Manager at Johnson & Johnson

Alberto Llobet Matamoros

Global Capability Deployment Manager at Johnson & Johnson

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