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Sharing Excellence: EiB Virtual Meeting 2020

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Adam Hunt

Host, Americas

Jan Debaene

Deputy Director, EiB

Giovanny Covarrubias

Module 2 lead, Optimizing breeding schemes

Gustavo Teixeira

Module 4 lead: Operations & phenotyping

Young Wha Lee

Module 5 lead: biometrics, bioinformatics, data

Eng Hwa Ng

Module 3 lead: genotyping/sequencing

Sarah Hearne

EiB Toolbox lead, M2 trait discovery

Biswanath Das

EiB NARS coordinator, Host

Rony Swennen

IITA, Story of Excellence presenter

Dorcus Gemenet

EiB Simulation expert, optimization module

Sam Storr

EiB Hopin Support/Moderator

Ana Oliveira

EiB, Genotyping module

Hugo Campos

EiB Chair, CIP Research Director, panelist

Joyce Nawire Maling'a

KALRO Kenya, panelist

Nora Lapitan

USAID, panelist

M Quinn

EiB DIrector


KALRO, Story of Excellence presenter

Elizabeth Jones

EiB/Cornell, EBS adoption point person

Hale Tufan

Cornell, Story of Excellence on Nextgen Cassava

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CGIAR Excellence in Breeding


[Session Recording] Shared Services

How EiB plans to develop regional shared services to serve breeding programs around the world

Nextgen cassava: Actionable breeding targets that meet diversity and demand

Hale Ann Tufan (Cornell) on how to use customer profiles to breed crops that meet diversity and demand

[Session Recording] Plenary: Day 1 Asia/AM Africa Sessions

Join Michael Quinn, IITA, and guests for the opening session of Sharing Excellence

[Session Recording] Plenary: Day 1 Americas Sessions

Join Jan Debaene and guests for the opening session of Sharing Excellence

[Session recording] New cooking bananas for smallholder farmers in Tanzania

In this Story of Excellence, Rony Swennen describes how IITA and partners made banana breeding realistic

[Session Recording] Modernizing rice breeding for Ghana's lowlands

Towards a suitable rice variety for Ghana's irrigated and rainfed lowlands [EiB Story of Excellence]

[Session Recording] Operations and Phenotyping module breakout group

EiB's Gustavo Teixeira reviews 2020 and future plans for operations and phenotyping

[Session Recording] Product Design and Management module breakout group

Peter Coaldrake updates on product design and management progress, and services offered. Followed by Q&A

[Session Recording] Breeding scheme optimization module breakout group

Module lead Eduardo Covarrubias and team update on progress, and services offered. Followed by Q&A

[Session Recording] Bioinformatics / data module breakout group

Young Wha Lee shares update and progress, and services offered. Followed by Q&A

[Session Recording] NARS breakout group

Bish Das updates on NARS progress, plans and services. Followed by Q&A

[Session Recording] Genotyping / sequencing tools & services breakout group

Module leads Eng and Ana update on progress, and services offered. Followed by Q&A

Excellence in Breeding overview

Excellence in Breeding overview, via CIP

Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) demo

EBS team demonstrates new integrated data management system

ViTSel: A new decision support tool to facilitate selection in breeding

CIMMYT-IITA [EiB Story of Excellence]

Exploiting heterosis for major gains in clonal crops: how sweetpotato hybrids went from pipe dream to reality

International Potato Centre (CIP) [EiB Story of Excellence]

The power of BrAPPs: BrAPI-compliant tools or widgets that run independently or integrate with a larger system

Integrated Breeding Programme (IBP), LeafNode and Boyce Thompson Institute [EiB Story of Excellence]

Digitization and adoption of BMS by Kenyan (KALRO) maize and wheat breeding programs

KALRO, EiB, IBP, CIMMYT [EiB Story of Excellence]

The BrAPI project: prominent, stable, standard for plant breeding data

The BrAPI Community / Cornell University [EiB Story of Excellence]

Marker design in a polyploid crop, yams

IITA; University of Illinois; Cornell University; CIMMYT-EiB [EiB Story of Excellence]