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James Ski

CEO & Founder @ Sales Confidence

Owen Richards

Founder & CEO @ Air Marketing

Elaine Tyler

Founder & CEO @ Venatrix

Jonathon Ilett

VP of Global Sales @ Cognism

Paul Gibson

International Vice President @ Demandbase

James Isilay

CEO @ Cognism

Anup Khera

VP & GM international @ Attentive

Shelley Lavery

CCO & Founder @ Jiminny

Sam Field

Group CRO @ Apprentify

Kat Hartigan

Vice President of International Sales @ Clari

Chris Van Praag

Account Executive & Sales Evangelist @ Vidyard

Antoine Fort

Co-Founder & CEO @ Qobra

Ali Syed

AVP, International Revenue & Growth @ Zoominfo

Adam Weekes

Sales Team Lead, EMEA @ Bigtincan

Jacco van der Kooij

Founder @ Winning by Design

Carl Carell

Co-Founder & CRO @ GetAccept

Nadeem Khan

Senior Director of Revenue & Growth, EMEA @ Zoominfo

Paul Gilhooly

Vice President of Sales @ 6sense

Rob Cook

Vice President of Enterprise Sales, EMEA @ Salesloft

Udi Ledergor

Chief Evangelist @ Gong

Matthew Blanchard

General Manager of EMEA @ Varicent

Liam Wedderburn

Sr. Manager of Commercial Sales @ 6sense

Jacqueline de Gernier

Regional Vice President, Northern Europe @ Twilio

Tom Strange

CFO/COO @ Sales Confidence

Carly Pledge

Global BDR Manager @ Datamaran

Luma Kamel

Business Development Manager, EMEA @ Alation

Kevin Middleton

Sales Director @ Monotype

Natasha Evans

Vice President of Global Customer Success

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