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SaaSGrowth2021 - Europe's No.1 B2B Sales, Revenue & Marketing Leadership Conference

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Ollie Sharpe

VP of Revenue, EMEA

Andrei Sochala

Senior Sales Director - Aircall

Elaine Tyler

CEO and Founder - Venatrix

Owen Richards

CEO and Founder - Air Marketing

Shabri Lakhani

CEO and Founder - Salesworks

Mark Bedford

Vice President of Global Sales - Cognism

Richard Smith

VP Sales - Refract, an Allego company

Matthew Blanchard

VP EMEA - Varicent

Anthony Parker

RVP & General Manager - MindTickle

Chris Hatfield

Founder and Coach

Lauren Wright

VP Sales - Demodesk

Veronika Riederle

CEO and Founder - Demodesk

Kris Rudeegraap

CEO and Founder - Sendoso

Kyle Porter

CEO and Founder - SalesLoft

Vernon Bubb

Managing Director - Clari

Richard Wright

VP of EMEA - Drift

Aaron Ross

Founder - Predictable Revenue

Luke Rogers

VP Sales Instabase

Tom Glason

CEO - Scalewise

Jared Robin

Founder - Revgenius

Pete Crosby

Director at Pete Crosby Revenue

Dale Dupree

Founder & CEO

Scott Lease

CEO & Founder - Scott Leese Consulting

Richard Harris

Founder @ The Harris Consulting Group

James Ski

Founder - Sales Confidence

Neil Ryland

Chief Revenue Officer - Peakon

Andy Whyte

Founder - MEDDICC

Thibaut Ceyrolle

EMEA Founder -Snowflake

Justin Michael

Founder -

Wendy Harris

Head of EMEA - Gong

Jonathan Anguelov

Co-founder & COO at Aircall

Sean Hayes

Head Of Business Development

David Cancel

CEO - Drift

Jake Dunlap

CEO - Skaled

Ana Veir

Head of Customer Facing Enablement - Infobip

Marcus Oulds

RVP Sales EMEA - Salesloft

Ravi Rajani

Story telling and presenting coach

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Sales Confidence

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