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RRR2021 Renewable resources from wet and rewetted peatlands (9.3. - 11.3.2021)

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Hosted by

Partners in the Greifswald Mire Centre

[email protected]


Wetland Products Foundation

Building a suistanable future

Hanze Wetlands BV

A company specialized on mowing, harvesting and use of wetlands

BeadaMoss® (Micropropagation Services)

Sustainably produced Sphagnum for large-scale restoration UK & Europe

De Vries Cornjum BV

No terrain is too difficult for us.


The unique GRASS made insulation batt - new biobased value chain

Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH

Bog restoration with peat mosses

Swantje Furtak 

Filmmaker and Science-Journalist


Start-up öKohle developing sustainable charcoal made of locally sourced reed

Virtual Excursion A

G. Gaudig, J.-W. Holthuis, N. Wright, G. Juranski

Virtual Excursion B

S. Wichmann, A. Nordt, M. Wenzel, A. van Weeren

Poster 2.1.A Tobias Dahms

Tobias Dahms

Poster 2.2.A Philipp Köwitsch

Philipp Köwitsch

Poster 2.3b.A Matthias Krebs

Matthias Krebs

Poster 2.3b.B Jens-Uwe Holthuis

Jens-Uwe Holthuis

Poster 2.3b.C Laura Panitz

Laura Panitz

Poster 2.3b.D Balázs Baranyai

Balázs Baranyai

Poster 3.1.A Christina Hartung

Christina Hartung

Poster 3.1.B Carsten Lühr

Carsten Lühr

Poster 3.1.C Anke Nordt

Anke Nordt

Poster 3.2.A Christian Fritz

Christian Fritz

Poster 3.2.B Hanna Kekkonen

Hanna Kekkonen

Poster 3.3.A Jürgen Müller

Jürgen Müller

Poster 3.3.B Monique Nerger

Monique Nerger

Poster 3.3.C Teresa Rojas Lara

Teresa Rojas Lara

Poster 4.2a.A Paul Muto

Paul Muto

Poster 4.2b.A Anna Kühnel

Anna Kühnel

Poster 4.2b.B Kerstin Fuhrmann

Kerstin Fuhrmann

Poster 4.2b.C Kilian Walz

Kilian Walz

Poster 4.3.A Mira Kohl

Mira Kohl

Poster 5.1.A Faizal Parish

Faizal Parish

Poster 5.1.B Sri Lestari

Sri Lestari

Poster 5.1.C Mulyadi

Yayasan Gambut Mulyadi

Poster 6.2.A Marina Abramchuk

Marina Abramchuk

Poster 6.2.B Doreen Koltermann

Doreen Koltermann

Poster 6.3.A Telse Vogel

Telse Vogel

Poster 6.3.B Franz Wenzl

Franz Wenzl

Poster 6.3.C Bas Spanjers

Bas Spanjers

Poster 7.2.A Monika Hohlbein

Monika Hohlbein

Poster 7.2.B Wendelin Wichtmann

Wendelin Wichtmann