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Bruce Jackson

Associate General Counsel/Managing Director of Strategic Partnership/Office of the President, Microsoft Corporation

Bilal S. Akram

Publisher, Code M. Magazine

Dr. Jean C. Accius

PhD, PMP, FGSA, Senior Vice President, Global Thought Leadership, AARP

Baron Davis

NBA Superstar, Investor, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Baron Davis Enterprises

Floyd W. Green III

Philanthropist and Founder, What a Concept,LLC

Marc Washington

Founder & CEO, Supergut

Ahkiel White

Vice President - Global Sports & Entertainment, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Shaun Fulton

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Michael Brathwaite

First Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Jeryl Salmond

Senior Vice President, Global Sports and Entertainment Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Jason Pace

Senior Vice President, Global Sports and Entertainment Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Dr. Marcus Mason

LCPC, NCC, CEO/Founder, Minds In Motion Therapeutic Services (MIMTS)

David Williams

Assistant Vice President – Automation, AT&T

Robert W. Jones

President & CEO, ASJ Enterprises, LLC, former, Senior Executive, HR, GE Aviation

Kevin Clayton

Senior Vice President, Head of Social Impact and Equity, Cleveland Cavaliers

Richard Levychin

CPA, CGMA, Partner, Galleros Robinson Certified Public Accountants and Advisor

Stephen King

CPA, CGMA, and CEO of GrowthForce, LLC

Kevin Hicks

Managing Partner, Blackman and Association

Edward T. Hightower

Chief Executive Officer & President, Lordstown Motor Corporation

Dr. Charles Coprew,III

Ph.D., CEO, WYRevolution Consulting

Scorpio Rogers

Vice President, Bronx & Mercy/Manhattan Campus at Mercy College & Doctoral Candidate at WPI

Sean Harden

Principal, Hardenwright Consultant Group (HWCG)

Kevin Williams

Managing Director-Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, American Airlines

Maximillian L. Hamilton

Founder, Rogue Media Group, LLC

Matthew Scott

CEO, EvalScot

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