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Caleb Lloyd

Director of Engineering of SaaS, Synadia

Derek Collison

Founder and CEO, Synadia, Creator of NATS

Todd Beets

Director Product Solutions, Synadia

Byron Ruth

Director of Developer Relations, Synadia

Colin Sullivan

VP of Product, Synadia

Jean-Noël Moyne

Field CTO, Synadia

Tomasz Pietrek

Senior Engineer, Rust client maintainer, Synadia

Alberto Ricart

Senior Engineer, JavaScript, Deno, and WebSocket client maintainer, Synadia

Jeremy Saenz

Senior Engineer, Synadia

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Synadia Communications, Inc

Synadia is empowering developers and enterprises to execute and accelerate the delivery of their Edge applications strategy in a highly secure and cloud agnostic way. We are the creators & maintainers of the award-winning open source platform that is powering thousands of applications globally. Founded in 2017, the company is backed by leading VCs and strategic investors including: True Ventures, Bold Ventures, Accenture, and Samsung Next. Synadia's diverse customer base ranges from Fortune 500 enterprises in Finance, Retail, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, & Governments worldwide.