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Raw Talk Podcast Festival

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Jeremy Bloom

Sound Designer for Radiolab, in addition to museum exhibits, films, and theatrical productions

Rackeb Tesfaye

Founder of Broad Science

Ki-Youn Kim

Science Communication Specialist, Board Director for the Science Writers of Communicators of Canada

Farah Qaiser

Genomics Researcher and Science Communicator, Canada Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council

Misha Gajewski

Freelance Journalist, Educator, and Senior Producer/Co-Host for The Story Collider Podcast

Tanya Talaga

Author and Columnist for The Globe and Mail

Jan Falguera

Public Relations Executive, Raw Talk Podcast

Grace Jacobs

Former Executive Producer of Raw Talk Podcast, Executive Producer of GradWell Podcast

Noor Al Kaabi

Show Host, Raw Talk Podcast

Alex Jacob

Audio Engineer Executive, Raw Talk Podcast

Atefeh Mohammadi

Promotion & Social Media Executive, Raw Talk Podcast

Richie Jeremian

Co-founder of Raw Talk Podcast

Janine Truong

Graphic Designer, Raw Talk Podcast

Alison Wong

Promotion & Social Media, Raw Talk Podcast

Eman Nishat

Promotion & Social Media, Raw Talk Podcast

Nathan Chan

Treasurer, Photographer & Show Host, Raw Talk Podcast

Jesse Knight

Co-Executive Producer & Webmaster, Raw Talk Podcast

Melissa Galati

Former Executive Producer of Raw Talk Podcast

Matthew Goulbourne

Executive Producer, Creator & Co-host of Built to Lead Podcast

Eryn Tong

Advisor & Show Host, Raw Talk Podcast

Swapna Mylabathula

Co-Founder & Show Host for Medicine In Motion, Show Host for Raw Talk Podcast

Julia Rybkina

Co-Founder, rehabINK

Lee Propp

Executive Producer, Accidental Intellectual

Richie Jeremian

Co-founder of Raw Talk Podcast

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Raw Talk Podcast

Raw Talk is a graduate student-run podcast at the University of Toronto about medical science, and the people who make it happen.


Raw Talk Podcast

A podcast about medical science, and the people who make it happen

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A podcast all about space, from the Queen’s Observatory

Let's Talk About Water

A podcast about the future of our planet's water — and why you should care

Grad Chat

Radio show and podcast featuring graduate students and their research

Everybody Hates Me: Let's Talk About Stigma

Conversations with Global Stigma Leaders

Jock Doc Podcast

Where comedy meets medicine

The Divorced Dad Diaries

The Divorced Dad Diaries — My Journey through separation and divorce

The Science Bloggers Podcast

Talking about the science of science communication

Wild Nights with Rocky Powell

A podcast reliving your wildest nights one episode at a time!

Pregaming Politics

Where political discussion becomes a drinking game

Potstirrer Podcast

Where politics, religion and history collide — and it's not always polite!

High Temperature Times

A podcast talking all things refractory. Dive deep into the world's oldest industry, talking knowledge, application, and the hottest new stuff in the refractory world.

Fyx Podcasts

Podcasts about Games, Coding, Comics and more brought to you by six international friends!

Health Analytic Insights

Uncovering stories and interviews in the field of health informatics

The 25th Hour

Stay ahead of the 24/7 news cycle

Into the Absurd

Featuring explanatory narratives and live, unscripted interviews regarding various philosophical phenomena

The Sonar Podcast Network

A Canadian Comedy & Arts Podcast Network

Rebalancing Act

Canada has to solve climate change — let's talk about how

The Deep-Sea Podcast

A punk take on a science podcast about the deep sea


A podcast showcasing concussion stories

VIEW to the U

VIEW to the U: an eye on UTM research

Letters to Jules and Josh

Life advice from two totally unqualified best friends

Built to Lead

The Health Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast


The Official Podcast and Radio Show of the Society of Graduate Students at Western University

Career Crossroads

Stories about the non-linear nature of careers

Polymer Science Podcast

We discuss innovative research relevant to you

YXE Underground

An Original Saskatoon Podcast

Accidental Intellectual

Conversations with the humans behind the experts

rehabINK Podcast

Unpacking important topics in rehabilitation, medicine and public health

PsychEd Podcast

A psychiatry podcast for medical learners, by medical learners

The Growth Medium

Join Mim and Sara as they bust myths in science by talking to the experts!

Productive Habits Podcast

Pick up some productive habits as you follow co-hosts Dennis and Jamie on their journey from non-productive wastemen, to aspiring productivity gurus

Race, Health & Happiness

Conversations about overcoming the obstacles of overt and institutionalized racism to achieve professional goals while creating healthy and fulfilling lives


Dive into the brave new world of technology