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Reception Table

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Gustavo Ansaldi Oliva

Unleashing the Power of Ethereum: Fundamentals and Challenges to the Development of Next-Generation DApps

Nick Graham and the EQUIS Lab

EQUIS Game Development Lab

Aaditya Bhatia

Quality issues and maintenance of machine learning software

Jia huei (Justina)

Studying coordination practices on the quality assurance of large open-source software ecosystems

Amtul Haq Ayesha

Convolutional Neural Network for Heart Rate Monitoring Using Smartphone

Victoria Armstrong

Exploring Multi-View Reinforcement Learning Agents for Embodied Object Navigation in Virtual Home Environments​

Lama Moukahal

Towards a Secure Software Lifecycle for Autonomous Vehicles

Rachel Theriault

Metabolomic Patterns of Breast Cancer Tumors Using Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Mahzabeen Emu

DSO: An Intelligent SFC Orchestrator for Time and Resource Intensive Ultra Dense IoT Networks

Sazia Mahfuz

A Framework for Human activity Recognition in IBM Cloud