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Magdalena Przelaskowska

Senior Startup Partner Manager, Google for Startups

Sebastian Tyrakowski

Deputy Director at Emigration Museum in Gdynia

Karolina Lewandowska

Head of Impact, PLUGin Foundation

Kasia Lechka

CEO, PLUGin Foundation

Kuba Janas

Head of PTD, PLUGin Foundation

Berta Hampel

Data & Analytics, PLUGin Foundation and Senior Analytics Consultant, Curve Analytics

Kamil Kozłowski

Co-founder, Airflo; PMO, PLUGin Foundation

Andreu Casadellà

CEO and Founder of

Adam Szummer

Computer Vision Specialist at Digica, Co-Founder of, Researcher at

Adrian Krezlik

Co-founder, Dosta Tec

Pawel Osterreicher

CEO & Co-Founder of ReSpo.Vision

Kinga Alina Langowska

PhD Student at University of Gdańsk, Research Specialist at Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Archaeologist

Evgeny Galkin

Industry head at Google Ukraine

Oleksandra Bernatska

Co-Founder & CPO at Skyworker

Marcin Kosicki

Head of Partnerships, PLUGin Foundation

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PLUGin Foundation

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We build the right software. We build the software right.


Empowering people by connecting them to the global community.

Polish City Club

Building a well-connected and successful Polish diaspora in Europe

Polish Business Link (PBLINK)

We are connecting UK's Business Communities since 2012.

Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley

Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley

Polonium Foundation

Polonium Foundation turns brain drain into brain circulation by unlocking the potential of Polish research diaspora. We have been around for nearly a decade, organizing events, meetups, webinars and conferences to showcase, connect and support the Polish multidisciplinary community worldwide. Come join us!

Poland 2.0 Foundation

Meet young Poles who adapt to the fast-changing world around them. Curious, ambitious, tech-driven. We are the Generation 2.0.


PLUGin is a vibrant international community, uniting and supporting the Polish innovation diaspora around the world.