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Podcasters Unlimited & Evergreen Podcasts present: PODWORK-Launching a Podcast Network (Virtual Summit)

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Denese Duran

Podcasters Unlimited, CEO | Metallic Ent., Head of Podcast Development | Podcasters of NJ, Founder

Ann Smith

Podcasters Unlimited, President | Podcasters of NJ, Co-Founder | Podcypher Podcast, Host

Rashidi Hendrix

Metallic Entertainment, CEO

Monique Howard

Smarticles, Founder & CEO | Voice Nexus, Partner

Jalaine Watts

Dissecting your Perspective Podcast, Host | Songhai Studios, Lead Programmer

Jamison Antoine (Interviewer)

Warner Music Group, VP Campaign Strategy & Customer Experience | Scriptertainment, COO

Geoffrey Colon

Microsoft, Head of Brand Studio │ Creative Studies, Founder │ Disruptive FM Podcast, Host │ Author

DeTravius Bethea

The Bethea Law Firm, Founder | Read the Fine Print Podcast, Host

Latrice Sampson (Moderator)

Afros & Audio, Lead Event Consultant

Sean Howard

Fable & Folly, Co-Founder

Kristen Lee

Roxie + Harper, Founder

Melinda Wittstock

Verifeed, Founder & CEO | Podopolo, Founder & CEO | Wings of Inspired Business Podcast, Host

Dave Keine

Podchaser, Head of Product & Marketing

Tonia Ransom

NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast, Creator & Executive Producer

Talib Jasir (Moderator)

Afros & Audio Podcast Festival | Vanguard Podcast Network, Founder & CEO

Anthony Frasier

ABF Creative, CEO | No Pressure Podcast, Host

John Lee

Podsquad Inc. |, CEO

Wize Grazette

The Indie Creative Network, Chief Product Officer

Manny Faces

Manny Faces Media | Owner & Executive Producer

Ulysses Lee

Blast Podzine, Founder | AIM Specialty Health, General Counsel

Madelyn Rutter

Podfund | TechNexus Venture Collaborative, Director of Collaboration

Erin Pride (Moderator)

DancePreneur Academy, Founder | Dance Boss Podcast, Host

Xperience J (Crystal Judkins)

Black Audio Dramas Exist, Co-Founder | Past Due Audio Series, Writer & Producer

Peter Ferioli

Pantheon Media, Founder & Network Producer

Cameron Poter

Pleasure Podcasts, Founder & CEO

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, Founder | Girl Get Visible Podcast, Host | My SEO Workbook, Author

Evan Spaulding (Moderator)

Success is a Learned Behavior, Host & Producer

Nicoletta von Heidegger

Sluts & Scholars Podcast, Host & Founder

Alex Sanfilippo

Podmatch, Founder | Creating a Brand Podcast, Host

Lance John

Gifted Sounds Network, Co-Founder

Jeffrey Hayzlett

C-Suite Network, CEO | All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett Podcast, Host | The Hero Factor, Author

David Moss

Evergreen Podcasts, Chief Creative Officer

Mark Beal

Rutgers University, Professor, PR | 101 Lessons in Leadership Podcast, Host | Engaging Gen Z, Author

Shawn Brewington (Interviewer)

The Brewington House, CEO | Hip Hop 4 Sport Podcast, Host

Kevin Jones

Blue Wire Sports Podcasting, Founder & CEO

Rita Bautista

Latina Podcasters Network, Founder & CEO | Empodera Latina Podcast, Host

Jessica Walker

JAW Speaks Digital, Founder | How 2 Store Podcast, Host

Ian Utile

ATTN.LIVE, Co-Founder & CEO

Gerardo Orlando

Evergreen Podcasts, VP of Network Development

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Podcasters Unlimited

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