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Arturo Elizondo


Charity Morgan

Plant-based Chef and Author

David Zilber

Chef, Fermentation Food Scientist and Author

Gene Baur

President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary

Irina Gerry

Chief Marketing Officer at Change Foods

Jacek Prus

Founder & CEO, Kuleana

Karuna Rawal

Chief Marketing Officer for Nature’s Fynd

Matthew Hayek

Assistant Professor at New York University in the Department of Environmental Studies

Janet Ranganathan

Vice President for Research, Data, and Innovation

Dr. Peter Newton

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Viraj Puri

Co-Founder and CEO, Gotham Greens

Dr. Xun Wang

President and CEO of Triton Algae Innovations

Jocelyn Ramirez

Chef + Founder, Todo Verde

Seth Goldman

Co-Founder and CEO, Eat the Change | Co-Founder, PLNT Burger | Chair of the Board, Beyond Meat

Robby Barbaro

Robby Barbaro, MPH, Co-founder Mastering Diabetes

Sparsha Saha

Lecturer, Department of Government

Leonardo Aquino

Head of R&D, Unilever Foods & Refreshment in North America

Brian Spears

Founder and CEO of New Age Meats

Ashley Kleckner

VP, Product & Marketing at AppHarvest

Johnny Ream

Partner at Stray Dog Capital

Garrett Broad

Associate Professor, Fordham University

Ricardo San Martin

Ph.D. Research Director & Industry Fellow, Alternative Meats Lab

Nina Gheihman


Dean Sherzai


Ayesha Sherzai


Nicole Negowetti

Vice President of Policy & Food Systems, Plant Based Foods Association

Caroline Bushnell

Vice President of Corporate Engagement at The Good Food Institute

Courtney Boyd Myers


Tamearra Dyson

Exec Chef/Owner Souley Vegan

Bryant Terry

Award-winning Chef, Educator and Author

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni

Vegan Investor & Activist

Laura Kliman

Dr. Laura Kliman, Director of New Product Development, Impossible Foods

Paul Schiefer

Senior Director of Sustainability and Social Impact for Amy's Kitchen

Leah Garcés

President of Mercy For Animals and Author

Larissa Zimberoff

Journalist & Author

Cyrus Khambatta

PhD, Co-founder Mastering Diabetes

Tracye McQuirter

Founder of 10 Million Black Vegan Women

Will Rosenzweig

Faculty Steward, UC Berkeley Haas Center for Responsible Business

Samantha Derrick

MPH, Program Director, Plant Futures Initiative

Wendi Gosliner

Sr Researcher/Policy Advisor, Nutrition Policy Institute, UC Div. of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Emma Jagoz

Farmer + Owner, Moon Valley Farm

Katie Seawell

Chief Commercial Officer, Bowery Farming

Anna Keeve

Freelance journalist & sustainable food thought-leader

Katie Cantrell

Director of Corporate Outreach of Better Food Foundation

Monica Chen

Executive Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Jennifer Stojkovic

Founder of Vegan Women Summit

Deborah Torres

CEO of Atlas Monroe

Tanya Flink

Digital Editor, VegNews Magazine

Theresa Lieb

Food Systems Analyst @ GreenBiz

Lucy Danziger

Editorial Director & Chief Content Officer, The Beet

Kate McGee

Talent Acquisition Partner at Oatly

Charlie Reed

Director of Environmental & Social Impact at PopSockets

Laney Siegner

Climate Farm School Director at

Trevor Cabreros

Research Associate

John Foraker

Once Upon a Farm

Laura Ward

Partnership Lead, Beeflow

nick withers

President, Huneeus Wines

Rodrigo Soto

General Manager, Huneeus Wines

Christina Ra

VP Marketing & Communications, Meati Foods

Sabina Vyas

Senior Director Impact Strategies, Plant Based Foods Association

Samantha Lubow

Sustainability Coordinator, Cal Dining

Yi Xin Seow

CJ CheilJedang

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