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Hamza Siddiqui

Salesforce Architect

Amar Parkash

Salesforce Developer

Sana Komal

Salesforce Architect

Badar Abbas

Salesforce Architect

Maham Hassan

Salesforce Architect

Ansar Ahmed

VP, Solutions at Salesforce

Fahad Akhtar

Global CTA Academy Lead - Salesforce Business Group, Accenture

Khalid Mohammad

Director Professional Services @ | Salesforce CTA

Irfan Laghari

Salesforce Developer @ Beyond Vision

Sundus Shahbaz

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Syed Faisal Zaidi

Salesforce Developer at Melon

Jitendra Zaa

Investor, Author, Salesforce CTA, 39x Certified, 9xMVP

Pei Mun Lim

Author of #SalesforceDiscovery101, Programme Manager, Consulting Trainer/Coach

Mohith Shrivastava

Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce

Philippe Ozil

Principal Developer Advocate at Salesforce

Calvin Noronha

Senior Program Architect, Salesforce

Diego Castro

Lead Salesforce Consultant

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