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OX1 Incubator Demo Day 2021

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Patrick Chung

Managing General Partner, Xfund

Mathias Pastor

Director, the Family

Neil Wolff

Founder and General Partner, Oxford Angel Fund

Jack Chong

President, OX1 Incubator

Olena Seminog


Mohamed Baioumy

Morlo AI

Johannes Goslar


Mehran Hosseini


Jeremy Stroud

Flowtoro Hydro Technologies

Hussain Sarfraz

Agriculture - Connect

Himani Aggarwal

P.S. Stronger Together

Maneesha Wijesinghe

Kola Project

Philip Berntsen


Ethan Andrews

OX1 Incubator

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Hosted by

OX1 Incubator

We gather the best talent in Oxford and support them to spot problems, refine ideas, and build products.

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We provide quality education to users and reliable data to AI companies.


Bringing performance marketing to the real world


Enabling digitalization of local businesses

Agriculture - Connect

Application that helps smallholder farmers use smart technology


Rental platform for personal care tech devices

Kola Project

Circular supply chain solution for waste-free retail

P.S. Stronger Together

Tech-based mental health solution for Indian Youth

Flotoro Hydro Technologies

Due diligence and discovery SaaS tool for small-scale, sustainable hydropower projects