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Vangelis Bagiatis

Product Owner at AGEify

Emma Day

Senior Consultant at UNICEF

David Austin

Chief Executive of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)

Kostas Flokos

euCONSENT Project Coordinator, CEO UpcoMinds

Duncan McCann

5 Rights Foundation

Tony Allen

Deputy Project Coordinator, CEO Age Check Certification Scheme

Ernie Allen

Chair at WeProtect Global Alliance

Beata Staszyńska-Hansen

Chairman of the Citizen Project Foundation

Onno Hansen-Staszyński

Chairman of the Ezzev Foundation

Sonia Livingstone

Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications - LSE

Abhilash Nair

Associate Professor of Internet Law, University of Exeter

John Carr

Conference Chair

Cecilia Álvarez Rigaudias

EMEA Privacy Policy Director at Facebook

Julia Cooke

Principal Policy Advisor, Information Commissioner's Office

Mariya Stoilova

Research Officer, Department of Media and Communications - LSE

Wei Lynn Ng

Senior Policy Officer at ICO, High Priority Inquiries

Vasileios Papakostas

Director of the Hellenic Cyber Crime Division

Erik Boucher

Information Technology Expert at CNIL

Jérôme Gorin

Research and Development engineer - of the Digital Innovation Lab, CNIL

June Lowery-Kingston

Head of Unit, Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet, European Commission

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euCONSENT ASBL is a non-profit organization which will put into live operation extensions to the eIDAS infrastructure required to deliver its vision for pan-European, open-system, secure and certified interoperable age verification and parental consent to access Information Society Services. Our solution was designed with the help of Europe’s children and the guidance of the continent’s leading academic experts, NGOs and other key stakeholders in child rights and protections online. The new system was successfully tested in a largescale pilots by over 2,000 people, including children and their parents, from five European countries. Their user experience was independently evaluated and provided convincing evidence for these infrastructure solutions to be adopted globally, with hundreds of Europe’s kids already positioned as its most enthusiastic advocates to their peers, parents and policymakers.

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