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Chidiebere Ibe

Medical Illustrator

Astrid Madimba

Co-host, It's a Continent podcast

Prof. Dr. Gloria Wekker

Professor emerita, Gender and Ethnicity, Utrecht University

Tamkara Adun

Author & Founder, Odunife African Language School

Eno Oduok

Founder, Naija Comm

Hannah Traore

Founder & Director, Hannah Traore Gallery

Thierry Malo (TiMalo)

Guadeloupean Creole Activist & Writer

Derek Bruce

CEO, Derek Bruce Associates, DSM

Major Dream Williams

Founder & CEO, Art Mob Pod DAO

Ellen Bailey

VP of Diversity and Culture, Harvard Business Publishing

Solange Domaye

CEO, Symfonio BV

Dean Muruven

Global Water Policy Lead, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Ivy Prosper

Content Creator & Social Media Manager 'Beyond the Return' 'Year of Return', Ghana Tourism Authority

Ugochi Anyaka-Oluigbo

African Environmental Journalist

Hillmann Batuo

Medical Student, Diaspora Student Coach, Content Creator, Ox Services

Claude Fidelin

Founder, Black Negotiator

Yoseph Ukbazghi

Prototype Engineer, ASML & Co-founder, Simple X

Renée C. Neblett

Founder & Director, Kokrobitey Institute

Anita Abaisa

Founder & Director, Black Ladies Talk

Chimira Natanna

Artist, Mama Baranka

Oyunga Pala

Journalist & Writer

Soekarsi Simmons

Literary & Cultural Analysis Student, UvA

Giselle Frederick

Tech Entrepreneur, Sonaaar

Hatim Eltayeb

Dean, African Leadership Academy

Nii Ayikwei Parkes

Writer & Socio-Cultural Commentator

Rabi Bah

Artist & Community Manager

Indigo Janka

Communications & Brand Manager

Najah Aouaki

Founder & Director, Aouaki Concepts

Tamarah de Haan

Sociologist & Postcolonial Student

Sanaa Roukia

Founder & Editor in Chief, 33 Carats

Amadou Daffe

Co-founder & CEO, Gebeya Inc.

Anthony Harrison

Senior Director of Design Culture, adidas

Raul Balai

Artist-Curator, Exhibition Maker, Designer, el bastardo

Norah Njuba Bwaya

Founder & Executive Coach, Coach Africa Limited

Abu Faisal

Investor, A Group

Veruschka Tay

Co-Founder, Get Online Growth

Paskaliah Kachieng'a

Local Governance Expert, VNG International

Anna Adima

Doctoral Candidate, University of York

Chinny Ukata

Co-host, It's a Continent Podcast

Kemo Camara

Founder and CEO, Omek

Mipe Okunseinde

Founder, We The Yoga

Omena Ukeleghe

Founder & CEO, Creative Jam Sessions

Ibrahima "Ibé" Kaba

IT Consultant, Essayist, and Poet

Yafeu Downes

Co-host, Out of Home Podcast

Kwame Wilson

Co-host, Out of Home Podcast

Otiniel "Mano" da Silva

Artistic Director, Africadelic

Somi Lynda

Content Creator

Becky Tsadik

Marketing Professional

Steven Ampama

Co-host, Out of Home Podcast

Zawdie Sandvliet

Teacher Trainer & Educator, University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam / University of Amsterdam

Eliza Anyangwe

Editor, As Equals, CNN

Rahab Njeri Ph.D.

Historian, Founder of Kemet Awards For Achievement in African Languages

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